Farmer competences

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30-60 min
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This tool follows is to be used during all project, create moments of sharing, in order to help participants identify the competences acquired with activities performed in the same project.on non-formal education.


Valuing youth pass.


After a creative dynamic, based on non-formal education, performed by the whole group, participants divide into pairs, and used cooperative learning, simulation and criative learn process, they will help each other to identify the competences acquired.

Step by step process: 

The idea of this tool is to help participants identify competences acquired in a mobility project and training. The topic that im working is rural development, thats why I use farmer as symbol of rural area. This tool have to be working during all projet. It will happen in every morning, everyone will choose someone from the group, with whom they feel to talk comfortably. They can be friends, or coming from the same country, using the same language, or just want to know more from each others. They will get 15 minutes that in this pairs they will share what they have learnt in the previous day. What was the most useful thing they learnt and can be used within their work at home or useful in their lives. Ask questions from each others for clarification in order to support each others to recognise their learning points regarding to the previous day. Then they collect the learning outcomes/points and write on one part of the body of a farmer. Each morning, they will design one part of the body of a farmer. Example, one morning each pair will create the head of an imaginary farmer. They make this creative work meanwhile they have the discussion about their learning processes. Then they have to write their learning outcomes on the head of the imaginary farmer. Other day they create the torso of the farmer. And when they collect their learning outcomes they write those ones on the torso of the farmer and take it under his head on the wall in the plenary room. This happen every day till the last day morning. Last day morning they will create the last bodypart of the farmer. So before we go to the Youthpass key competence part, each pair will have a ready farmer with all collected learning outcomes written on them and hang on the wall of the training venue. So then they just need to read through what they have learnt during this TC and find the appropriate key competence which was improved by a certain learning outcome written on the farmer.

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