EVS learning notebook

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Personal development
Voluntary service

The "EVS learning notebook", is a tool that support the reflection of the learning process of the volunteers that participate in the EVS.
This tool is also the way to introduce the Notebook, and "learning" as crucial part of the EVS.


The main aim of the "EVS Learning Notebook" is to increase the opportunities of the participants in EVS project in starting, keeping and finishing the "Youthpassprocess" inside their EVS project.


The tool is a "notebook" with 68 pages, that is easy preintable in "2 pages per page" and "w sides. So NA's, EVS cycle trainers/facilitators, or EVS mentors can use it and give it to their volunteers easily.
During the first steps of the implementation of the tool in the EVS cycle training in Spain, we realised that is so important to "present" the learning notebook, not just to give it to the participants. (More info in Step-by-Step part of this application)

Step by step process: 

The EVS learning Notebook, can be included in one of the "learning" sessions of the "On-Arrival-Training". One possible way would be following this steps:
-Learning Styles analysis exercise.
-Have a planing learning Aims exercise.
-Kolb Cycle short presentation.
-EVS learning moments presentations (Before Arriving, First Month, On-Arrival Training, time until Mid Term Evaluation, Mid Term Evaluation, Time until departure.
-Give participants EVS learning Notebook (ask them to accomplish some "tasks" (attach document needed). Have a deebfriefing about different ways to reflect about your own learning)
-Share in groups of 4 what did you learn before departure. Short deebriefing.
-Share in groups of the same organization what did you learn during the first month.
-Take the learning outcomes you had in the On-Arrival
Write those moments in the EVS learning notebook (in case this is going to be usefull for your learning reflection process)

Materials and resources: 

The "EVS learning Notebook" itself, pens, markers, crayons, tape, newspapers... and the document "task to do with your EVS Learning Notebook",


The expected outcomes are EVS participants that finish a Youthpass process full of reflection about their own learning process. Is also expected that the mentors of the EVS hosting and sending organizations can also improve their competences as supporters of the reflection process. This tool could be also usefull to trainers, that are working with the EVS cycle training to prepare their learning sessions in the Training courses.

Notes for further use: 

The most important part is the "deebriefing" after "task to do with your EVS Learning Notebook", is so important that the participants, mentors and trainers realise that this tool is "one possible way" or a "place to came to have support"... is not the "only way" to reflect about the learning proccess for EVS volunteers.

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