EVS in EuroMed: Educational attitudes.

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Voluntary service

A tool to prepare adequately EVS projects taking in consideration the context of EuroMed countries and the particularities of the EVS in such conditions.


Young people, youth workers, youth leaders from entities interested in developing EVS projects.


Working groups, plenary, discussion and elaboration of common conclusions

Step by step process: 

Split the group in four groups (depending on the group size).
Give them the document "Educational Attitudes – cases of study Norway" and ask them to reach consensus answers in 20 minutes.
After this time, share the answers and discuss with the group which answers the most adequate are according the Youth in Action and the EuroMed Youth Programme Objectives and Aims.

Materials and resources: 

* Handout "Educational Attitudes – cases of study Norway"
* Notebooks and writers
* Audiovisual equipment: Laptop/PC + Projector + Speakers + Screen/big wall
* EU documents' corner: YiA Programme Guide (paper copy)

Notes for further use: 

The SALTO EuroMed Practical Guide "How to develop an EVS project in the EuroMed Region?" could be a very useful documentary resource to prepare the tool in a training activity.
Other SALTO EuroMed document called "Volunteering and Voluntary Service in Euro-Mediterranean Context" could be a very useful documentary resource too.
Other relevant resources (as videos) could be found in the website:

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