EUtopia Discovery Lab

Type of tool: 
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Social inclusion

This tool is an experience consisting of a series of individual and group activities, which mimic the learning process of the long-term youth work lab EUtopia and invite participants to meaningfully reflect on diversity in their work with young people.


To engage youth work professionals in a self-reflective exercise aimed at rethinking and reshaping their youth work practice by exploring the slow youth work concept and applying a values-based perspective to diversity.


Experiential learning, simulation, self-reflective learning

Step by step process: 

1) Introductions: the participants, the process, and some of the main questions to be addressed in the session. (10 minutes)
2) Mindmap exercise: participants compile a mind-map of some of the diversity-related issues around them and in their media-space that they find disturbing. (20 minutes)
3) Zooming in: Participants zoom in on the particular topic(s) of the mind-map that they want to explore more in-depth. Individually or in small groups (depending on the number of people in the group) participants develop arguments that speak in favour and against the particular explanations or solutions to the issue. It is important that the participants work out as many statements in favour and against as possible, even if they disagree with the statements themselves. (15 minutes)
4) Debating points of view: In small groups participants are matched to take part in a debate battle where they are invited to defend particular moral standpoints on particular (related to their mind-maps) issues, irrespective of their own point of view. (30 minutes)
5) Debriefing of the debates (10 minutes)
6) Input on the DIVE model (see, for example, the description by AFS and how it is related to youth work and diversity. Moving discussion on challenging questions. (20 minutes)
7) A self-reflection on participants' own relationship with diversity in their work as a tool, topic and an approach (20 minutes)
8) Debriefing of the experience and a discussion on diversity and youth work. Exploration of the possibilities of slow youth work which focuses on taking time for experiences, not providing immediate and measurable outcomes.

Materials and resources: 

Depends on how the facilitators choose to facilitate: it can be done either on laptops/phones (one per participant) or with pen + paper for each participant. Flipchart paper and markers are useful to record the main discussion points.


The participants will have heightened awareness of the socio-political and cultural conditions and diversity-related issues that impact lives of young people on a local and European level. They will have deepened understanding of the thinking processes behind their own values, views and attitudes, and will be more aware of the factors that influence young people in forming theirs. Participants will have challenged their own attitudes and practices of diversity. They will have understood how these are connected to youth work and how diversity can be explored from a values-based perspective, applied as a tool, theme as well as an approach. Participants will have reflected on the proposed learning approach of the tool and will have thought of ways to incorporate it in their professional work.


The tool has not yet been piloted in its proposed format.

Notes for further use: 

The tool in its proposed format is meant to demonstrate a particular learning trajectory that participants of the expanded version of the tool (consisting of several learning activities and events) are exposed to. The tool is thus best used in its expanded version – a training course/ lab setting, where there is enough time to design the programme in accordance with the proposed learning questions, trajectory and the particular learning needs of the participants.

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