EuroSzanse (EuroOpportunities)

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
European programmes
Learning mobility

EuroSzanse is a board game, that aims to present a very wide mobility offer for Youth in Poland in a very short time(45m).Game acquaints the participants with the programs, allows them to understand their goals and encourages the use of mobilities.


The game in its assumptions is a tool that the trainer uses in 2 learning hours (2x45min) to introduce youth to a very wide range of available mobility and to encorage them to use it. From eduactional point of view goal of the game is to give youth some experience on mobility topic to start a meaningful discussion and confront possibilities that lay before participants in the future.


The game itself is a testing ground in which players are encouraged to test the paths that interest them, and even to make risky decisions. An important part of the workshop based on EuroSzanse is to build rules in which participants feel comfortable making mistakes. The game is part of the Kolb Cycle methodology, providing the necessary experience, which is then discussed and on the basis of which you can build knowledge about mobility.

Step by step process: 

1. Introduction to a workshop - say hello, set the rules of the workshop, make icebreaker if needed.
2. Presentation of rules - use game instructions and go thru them with participants.
3. Gameplay - facilitate gameplay, set times for rounds if needed, answer participants questions.
4. Exit from experience - take participants out of game world. This game is quite immersive so some people might need a little help to focus on geting conclusions on expirience.
5. Discussion of experience - that point is self-explanatory i'd say :)
6. Knowledge building - this part is totaly up to trainer. After discussion participants should be ready to either work in groups or engage in deeper discussion.
7. Workshop summary - sum up workshop.

Materials and resources: 

Game is almost self sufficient. All one need are tables (smallest table dimensions 60cm x 60cm), and chairs for participants.

Group of 6 participants:
2 tables, 7 chairs
Group of 16 participants:
4 tables, 17 chairs
Group of 25 participants:
5 tables, 26 chairs

Nice to haves: flipchart + 6 markers, stickynotes, painting tape or other method to stick flipchart to a wall.


There are a few expected outcomes of EurosSzanse usage:

1. "We are all Ears"
Subject of mobilities is not the easiest and it is important. EuroSzanse is a mean to keep group focused, interested and invested in the subject. That makes workshop more efficient and more pleasant experience.
2. Testing Grounds
Target group is inexperienced and will have to make very important choices that will influence their whole life. Game provides simplified way to test some decisions and life paths. Expected outcome is that participants will get limited experience on subject of mobilities that will allow them to take part in discussion after the game.
3. Promoting first steps
Clearly it is impossible to present all mobilities in 90 minutes. That is why one should expect a few young people to seek more information on specific mobility that was mentioned during the game. Prefered mean of information – video or face to face contact with Eurodesk expert after workshop.


1. Fast, efficient and versatile - game was designed to fit in 2 lessons hours. Presentation of rules takes about 5-7 minutes, gameplay takes 30-40 minutes. That leaves a lot of time discussions and other learning activities. At current state game packs information on over 20 different programmes, some of with are huge and complex like Erasmus+. That allows trainer to use tool to explain how mobilities work in very limited time. Also card deck is large so trainers can compose it to suit workshop subject.
3. Configurable and cost effective – Game can be easily changed when some programmes change. All that is needed is to replace cards that represent certain programmes. Also game can be easily used in different country. That makes it cost effective and highly customizable tool that can be easily used for years, with little updates.
4. Easy to use – EuroSzanse is perfect example of tool that is crafted for trainers. It uses known methodology and experts standard knowledge on group dynamics. Also it packs most of materials needed for whole workshop. If trainer is minimalist all he or she needs are boxes with game.
5. Fun – Hey, it is a game. It has to be fun! And it is. It has low replay rate, but it is not needed for this tool.
1. Trainer needed for educational benefit – Game has instructions that allow players to use it without supervision. But this game needs a facilitator to actualy work as an eduactional tool.
2. Participants limit – Game is design for standard class size in Poland that is 25 players. That translates to 5 tables with game which is the maximum number that one trainer can effectively handle. If group is bigger workshop will take more time and will be less interesting.
3. Trainer competences – that tool is constructed for trainers that are comfortable with Kolb Cycle. That makes it more exclusive tool.

Notes for further use: 

The game debuted in September this year and is used exclusively by Eurodesk Polska trainers. The game is one of many benefits that trainers receive joining the Eurodesk network. The tool requires training to be able to use it.

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