Ethica - The Ethical Finance Game

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 

The Ethica game on ethical personal finance, described in, is an educational game making players aware of the social and environmental impact of investments and businesses.


The project aims to educate young people in responsible and sustainable financial personal behaviour, financial literacy and financial management using a roleplay and board game.


The Ethica game is an example of an educational roleplay and board game. It uses approaches to both financial literacy and education for sustainable development.

Step by step process: 

It explores how well the player's ethical intentions stand up in the world of international finance. Players visit different banks where they can choose a share investment, cooperative investment or a savings account. Each investment gives the player either a positive or negative financial (Profit), social (People) and environmental (Planet) score. This score is partly dependent on news of the business investments, global economic news and partly based on chance. Needless to say that the most ethical family investor and bank investor win.

Materials and resources: 

The Ethica game has a board, playing pieces, cards and a Teaching Guide in the pack which can be downloaded and made or purchased as a game in 5 European languages - see for the English version at £22 and for the other 4 languages.


More financially literate and ethically aware young people, able to make ethical financial decisions about their choice of bank, how they save money etc.


The game was produced in response to the recently highlighted need for responsible financial education in 1) poverty reduction related to personal banking and investments, as well as international trade 2) social inclusion in national and international financial markets 3) accountability and transparency of financial institutions and 4) sustainability as full-cost accounting that recognises social and environmental costs and benefits.

Notes for further use: 

This could be used in the Market place, as I would bring a copy of the game, and describe how it has been used with youth groups.
This has been trialled and tested and used by me many times.

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