Encourage children's expression about terrorism

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Multimedia tool – Report
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Prevention of radicalisation

Following the January 2015 Paris attacks, PAV and the French Foundation (Fondation de France / FAVT) have developed a project to encourage school children to express themselves around the issue of terrorism.


The tool aims at encouraging a better perception and understanding by the children of what terrorism is, and to equip teachers with tools to better address the issue of terrorism with the students.The reference to terrorism in schools is extremely complex and multiple factors contribute to the creation and stagnation of the problem. The specificity of this problematic makes it difficult for professionals of the educational sector in the choice and positioning they need to adopt.


The project adopts a participative approach with many supports dedicated to exchanges between educational structures and the students themselves. This methodology aims to ensure that all the actions undertaken correspond to the needs and expectations of the beneficiaries and that all the participants take ownership of the objectives and outputs of the project.

Step by step process: 

Phase 1 - preparation: The preparation phase consists of creating and writing the content of presentation materials. The teaching methodology will be adapted to the targets and will consist essentially of videos and written supports.
Phase 2: intervention in schools Phase 2 is the implementation of the project which is broken down into 3 levels of interventions: - With teachers: awareness of the problem of terrorism (animation psychologist + lawyer). They will be invited to prepare a project with their class around terrorism (video presentation, comics, posters ...).
Phase 3: constitution of the educational kit. Phase 3 consists of the production of a video and the writing of the final supports of the case. The whole team will select with the director the footage filmed in the classes, to create a second video of about 30 minutes

Materials and resources: 

Fact Sheets: Legal and Psychological


2 videos
Final writing supports


On going process

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