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Type of tool: 
Multimedia tool – Report
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 

A digital Kit aimed at teachers and youthworkers, with 12 teaching units and more tha 30 activities , to bring the themes of the climatic change to school, of the environmental justice and of the environmental migration.


The Kit promotes practices of active citizenship in a global perspective through learning activities involving teachers and students and stimulating a reflection on our lifestyles


The Edu-Kit refers to the methodologies of Non-formal education, proposing a series of activities ranging from the methodologies of cooperative learning, to simulations, to role-playing games and in general to group Activations.

Step by step process: 

The Kit is online (
Once entered in the Kit the activities are divided into three thematic areas (environmental justice, climate change, environmental migrants).
Obviously an Internet connection is required, the materials are different for each activity and are described (and available in the Annex) in the timesheets

Materials and resources: 

Being a tool that collects various actions, the quantity and the typology of the materials varies from activities to activities.
Each activity is described in a card that indicates the duration, the necessary materials and the age range best suited to its application


The activities can be used to structure the deepening paths in the classroom, sometimes even the duration of weeks.
The expected result and at the time already partially verified, is the activation, by the teachers or the operators of the sector, of school courses concerning the themes of the project, containing the activities proposed by the kit, or inspired and/or integrated with these last


The feedback received from the teachers who have experienced the Edu-kit is very positive, both for the originality of some activities and for the clarity of the Exhibition.
The limit of the Edu-kit, is closely linked to its potential, and concerns its diffusion, also outside the network of schools and organizations of the project Partners.

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