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60-90 min
Topics addressed: 

“ECOMAR”was designed to sensitize and enable youth workers,formal,non-formal educators and students to develop a knowledge about the marine life biodiversity and to take action to tackle the problems in our coasts such as the biodiversity loss and litter.


the Learning material “ECOMAR” was designed to raise the marine environmental awareness in order to stop Marine Litter,the marine biodiversity loss.


Within ECOMAR many activities were planned such as:
- the awareness exhibition on the theme of marine life which has been prepared aiming to inform and sensitize the general public and the educational community. This product that can be exhibited in many ways (e.g. in museums, aquariums, research centres,beaches etc.) and utilized for educational purposes (e.g. during school visits, beach clean-ups, etc.).

-The National fora on marine life conservation: (Role playing game)
The forum structure brought together multiple individuals from different sectors to partake in debate regarding the best solutions to marine ecosystems conservation.
During the tool fair event, each participant will be playing one of the roles involved in this forum
The aim of each individual fora was to promote discussion between multiple stakeholders across various sectors including industry representatives, the public, environmental concern groups, non-governmental organisations, and national/regional policy and decision makers.
Results have indicated that the fora were viewed as a positive experience, with participants reporting a difference in their perception of marine world. By working collectively with members of the scientific community, stakeholders, and the public the outcomes from the fora are being used to constructively address the detrimental impact of marine hazards throughout the coasts
-The sea dream team Game:
A game developed Within the MARLISCO project a serious game on marine litter especially for youngsters has been developed. It consists of simulations of real-world events or processes designed for the purpose of solving a problem and/or raising awareness..
-The e-learning plateform on marine litter :Know feel Act
This course provides all (facilitators and learners) a unique opportunity to meet online as a learning community and simulate in the theme of marine littering
-Let's snorkel activity :It is left up to the leaders tol brainstorm about potential promotional activities and specific events: underwater pictures competition with disposable cameras, underwater operations cleaning competition, recognition of species that can be very useful to deal with the same issues.

Step by step process: 

-Exhibition activity:posters responding to the following questions should be printed and presented by the concerned team to the rest of the group.
The Exhibition covers different thematic units such as:
Marine Litter: Where does it come from?
How threatening is marine litter?
How does Marine litter affect wildlife?
What are the challenges for my regional sea?
Are there solutions?
What can I do?
About ECOMAR, partners, sponsors, etc
-The National fora on marine life conservation: (Role playing game)
Each participant will play one of the 8 characters from different sectors (e.g. fisherman, beach user, owner of a bar at the beach) and help them -in a fun and engaging way- to choose the most responsible behaviour to specific situations related to a project example in a coastal area.
-The sea dream team Game: for this activity each participant need to bring a laptop.when starting a link to the game will be provided in order to start running the e-game,intructions will be given and then a discussion session at the ng end to know more about the opinions.
-The e-learning plateform on marine litter :Know feel Act for this activity the participants need their laptop as well in order to connect to the the mooc plateform and will go through the activities and share their comments at the end of the session.
-The let's snorkel activity will be a brainstorming session on how we can promote the outdoor marine classes and the tools that we could use to make it more fruitfull,the leaders can come up with ideas using non-formal ways such as graphic facilitation,the use of medias...etc

Materials and resources: 

-For the exhibition activity session:Need to print posters 4-5 posters
-For the rest of the activities:an internet connection must be available in the working room and the participants need to bring their laptop for both the sea dream team game and the e-learning plateform.
-A facilitator for each group who can be a participant in one of them and volunteering to lead the group.


-Learners get to know marine life, observe it and examine its types and characteristics.
-learners examine the marine environment and investigate the regional variations
-Learners are informed about steps they can take to prevent marine hazards, investigate what individuals and organizations are doing to tackle the issue (at national and international level) and explore ways to educate others about possible solutions.


Results have indicated that the ECOMAR tools were viewed as a positive experience, with participants reporting a difference in their perception of marine world. By working collectively with members of different horizons ,the outcomes from the are being used to constructively address the detrimental impact of marine hazards throughout the coasts

Notes for further use: 

The pack contains pedagogic activities examining the characteristics, sources, effects and possible ways to tackle the problem, addressing it from an environmental, societal, cultural and economic point of view. Educators are invited to use this material as yet another tool to develop observation, curiosity, imagination, creativity and action skills in their learners, so as to tackle the topic of marine life conservation.
-In order to share your tool,i will be delivering a WORKING WITH TOOLS workshop during the Toolfair x
-During the Workshop we will be running the tool with the participants in the ToolfairX
-The tool have been partially used during the pedagogical program(Semaine de la mer) in collaboration with WWF,RAC/SPA
-I foresee a workshop of 60 or 90 minutes and the duration is adaptable according to the event’s needs.

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