E-tool on the topic of Europe, with the focus on identity, values and active citizenship

Type of tool: 
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning

The e-tool will have 2 parts: one that would serve as an interactive, online “publication” and the other that will be an activity made by using a mobile app that would introduce the contents of the "publication" in an interactive, fun way.


The aim of the tool is to increase the competences and motivation of practitioners in the youth field for the empowerment of young people to use Europe as an opportunity.


The e-tool is using e-learning methodology adapted to a mobile app activity, with the elements of discovery based learning.

Step by step process: 

1. Participants are divided into smaller groups and at least one person in the group should have either a table or a phone with a larger screen. Those participants are asked to download the application on their phone/tablet.
2. Once that is done, the groups should scan the QR code, printed and available on the flipchart board and start the activity. In case they would be going outside, they should download the activity and use it in the offline mode.
3. The activity (45 -60 minutes) is composed of different tasks and based on working together to complete them. The tasks present information about the topic (in the form of a short text, video and photo) and require participants to respond to them with their own ideas (through quizes, video messages, photos)
4. When the groups come back, the facilitator projects the "results" of the activity and together with the group talks about different understanding of the topics and interpretations from different groups.
5. Finally, the group processes the activity through the debriefing.

Materials and resources: 

White screen or a while wall,
Good Internet connection in the room
Flipchart board and a marker


No experience yet :)



Notes for further use: 

This tools is still work in progress. It will completed until the Tool Fair, but some of the elements are still not totally clear.
In reality, the idea is that participants take their own time and do the activity in their own rhythm. However, for the purpose of the Tool Fair, the activity could be shortened to one hour and half (with the debriefing).
I am honestly not sure if the tool should be presented during a workshop in WORKING WITH TOOLS or the MARKET PLACE. I think it would be excellent to actually try it out, but I am also aware that at the moment it is quite vague and it is designed for a slightly different learning environment.

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