Dignity W@rld

Type of tool: 
Multimedia tool – Report
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Human rights

Dignity W@rld is a place for online games about human rights and our wolrd. You can discover global issues, you can learn new things trough playing games and you can share your thoughts with a multicultural community of players.


Give new impulse to human rights education and education for democratic citizenship (HRE/EDC). Reach young people in areas where there are no HRE experts. To meet young people in the digital world and help them to develop their social and civic competencies. To provide a multicultural online community space for the gamers.


Dignity W@rld is an e-learning platform based discovery and cooperative learning. The project wants to build on the existing experience, for that reason we start game development with focus group talks in each country in order to collect needs, suggestions, ideas. Also it is important that we had to provide support in using these new possibilities, therefore we give advices, create lesson plans and provide background information for the topics. In the first round we focus on experts living in the project partner’s countries, and then we intend to widen the spectre to other countries in the future. The innovation of the project is to create the possibility of self-directed online learning for young people with games and also to find the connection with the educational system and produce materials helping teachers and youth-workers in the use of the site.

Step by step process: 

Individuals: play the games, and learn the background/collect badges, and become human rights hero, by playing with games
Teachers, youth workers: choose a theme, download a lessonplan, and follow it step-by-step

Dignity W@rld is free to use for anybody. We not just collect all the games, but also provide some background information and materials about the themes or aims of the games. The players can get closer to the themes by playing games, and also can see the historical, social background of the theme also, in this way they can connect it to their real life. We highly count on teachers, so we provided them traninings and school materials about the main themes, based on the games. Important motivation tools are the badges: as in video games, you can complete missions, gain achievements, and earn badges. You can use the platform either on a PC or tablet, and mobile phone.

Materials and resources: 

Proper Wifi connection for more person, pc/laptop/tablet for each participants.


The core question of sustainability is the maintenance of the Dignity W@rld site. Financial maintenance was not a problem for our NGO. We work together with volunteers to update and moderate the platform and the Facebook site. We have wide experience of recruiting and dealing with volunteers, our after school programmes are based on them, we have 20 volunteers regularly. For updates we also used materials beside the administrators. We are counting with several games in the project, Dignity W@rld launched with the half of them, after the start, updates come weekly, so we'll have reserves for 2-3 months. Dignity W@rld is suitable to use as a tool in youth events, festivals, etc as well. We also try to motivate and involve the users of Dignity W@rld, so we not just share all the materials with them, but we ask the users to send new games and ideas to the site. I think if we can present Dignity W@rld at TOOL FAIR XIII – #PowerUp!, lot of people can benefit from it. All the trainers, youth workers gained a new tool to use it in the field of human rights education, off school activites or even in the class rooms. If more people get connected with Dignity W@rld, they can also be part of the develepoment, send us new games, use the lesson plans. We are really dedicated to build up and strengthen a community around Dignity W@rld.


easy to use
today almost everybody has a hardver
familiar to youngsters
no need any special knowledge
need wifi
need a proper hardver
some games could disappear

Notes for further use: 

We are open to any developing process, so, if you have a good idea, let us know!

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