DigEmotion Map

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120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Personal development

This tool gives insight into what type of emotions can come up during online programs, how to recognize and formulate them, and how to be prepared as trainers to deal with them. The foundations of the tool are based on concepts from experiential learning.


Emotions in online/digital learning spaces: how to manage, how to provoke, which kind of emotions are common or possible online.


The DigEmotion Map is similar to the wheel of life: there are 8 areas, and each area has a focus question. The 8 questions constitute a process, and at the end of the process participants will be able to plan online activities with focus on specific emotions.

For example, if I have to plan an hour long club online, I can use the tool to think about the main emotions that can come up during this program, and plan some of the activities accordingly.

Step by step process: 

The DigEmotion Map helps trainer, facilitators to prepare for their online program with a special focus on emotions.

The tool is similar to the wheel of life, and each of the 8 areas has a focus question.

When using the tool, facilitators can plan activities according to what emotions they try to avoid or evoke: they will be able to find or come up with activities that help participants feel energized, happy, or even to stop feeling frustrated, bored or disappointed.

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By applying the tool I expect trainers to be more conscious when it comes to planning their activities online.
This consciousness will be visible when listing activities - they will be able to link activities to emotions.

Notes for further use: 

At the moment, this tool is designed for adults to be used.
An interesting improvement could be a version to be used with youth (kids).

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