Dice for Team

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Adult education
Group dynamics
Learning mobility

Dice for Team game is a combination of 'Mission impossible' activity and 'Monopoly' game.
It is an enjoyable way to start any kind of training session.
Aim of Game: To collect as many DONE CARDs as they can before the game finish.


Aim of Game: To collect as many DONE CARDs as they can before the game finish.

Aim: The aim is to prepare the participants for the project and to form the group dynamics among the participants.


This is indoor activity and table game with using other related materials.

Step by step process: 

Restin’ Area: If the player’s icon goes to “Go to Restin’ Area”, the player needs to go back to Restin’ Area and wait for someone to save him/her. If the player’s icon comes directly to Restin’ Area, they need to wait but they can do nothing else except saving someone who is stuck there.

How a player gets rid of Restin’ Area? If someone else comes directly to Restin’ Area, they can rescue other players, both players take one dice and roll them. They move according to the number on their own dice number Or player who stuck in Restin’ Area roll the dice and collect more than 10 number in one time.

Chance Cards: If Player’s icon goes question mark zone, Player(s) needs to pick a ‘chance card’ and expected to do what is written on the card.

Tressure Cest Card: If icon visits Tressure Cest’s zone on board, Player(s) have a chance to pick a “Tressure Cest Card” and expected to do what is written on the card.

Newspaper: If the player’s icon visits newspaper zone, the player(s) need to write project’s news for press and/or website. The player can get help from project infopack.

Lamp: If Player’s icon visits lamp zone, the player has chance to pick a “Come up with New Idea” Card and then they are expected to Come up with New Idea about what is written on the card. Don't forget to write your creative ideas on the list! Creative ideas are always welcome ☺

Done Zone/Card: Some duties are one-off duties. After this duty has been accomplished by the player(s), Done Card will be put to this zone. The player who accomplished duties takes one card for themselves. If Another Player’s icon visits Done Card area, the player has another opportunity to roll dice again and move forward. If Player’s icon visits Done Card area again, the player needs to wait for their next turn.

Playing Order Cards: Begining of the game, each player rolls the dice. The biggest number takes 1 of Playing Order Cards and start game first.


Read this instructions carefully before the game.Don not hesitate to contact with trainer if players don’t understand any part of this game.
Group will be divided into two small groups, make sure that each group has one ‘dice for team’ board and enough icons and other materials.
Each group follow the same rules explained below;
Each player needs stablemate (two in one). The player can choose their stablemate voluntarily or trainer matches them with a peer. For one board, total player number (icon numbers) is 7 and the number of participants is 14 for each board.
Each player rolls the dice and get in order as who has the highest number takes 1 number of Playing Order Cards and first place. During the game, If the other players are still working on their tasks, the player continues to play by rolling the dice. No need to wait their turn
Everyone rolls the dice and moves their icons. There are 2 dice and each participant in peers needs to roll one dice at the same time and they can move their icon with the total number of two dice.
When icon visits a place/zone, it is written something or it is shown some pictures. Please read the following possibilities:
If icon visits written task zone: Peer needs to complete/accomplish the written task
If the icon visits picture zone: Peer need to pick a card and complete/accomplish the task written on the card.
Please consider that some task is Done Zone task and it is enough to complete one time. If the task has been accomplished before the player’s visit, the player sees ‘DONE CARD’ and rolls the dice again one more time. If Player’s icon comes to theDone Card area a second time, the player needs to wait for their next turn.
If Player visits ‘Go to Restin’ Area’ or directly ‘Restin’ Area’, please read Explanation of Restin’ Area’
If the player visits ‘Wait Wait Wait and go’ area, just wait for your next turn and do nothing.
If Player’s icon visit ‘Help Someone’ area, Players can look around and find someone who is struggling to finish their task and then the player can help them or player can wait for your next turn and do nothing. Do not forget that sharing is caring!
If the player’s icon visits ‘writing project’s news’, please read the explanation of the newspaper part.
If a different player visits the same task which someone working on it at that time, they need to work together in order to finish the task.
The game will continue until all Done Zone has accomplished or time is up.
(Optional) During the game, the trainer can open some music.

Materials and resources: 

Needed Materials (for 2 groups)
Dice for Team Game Board x 2 (55x55 cm)
Done Cards 36x2 pieces (3,7 x 6 cm)
Chance Cards 30 x 2 Pieces (10 x 6,3 cm)
Treasure Chest Cards 8 x 2 Pieces (10 x 6,3 cm)
New Ideas Cards 3 x 2 Pieces (10 x 6,3 cm)
Playing Order Cards 10 x 2 Pieces (10 x 6,3 cm)
Dice x 4 (as big as possible)
5 different Lists
Icons (as number of pax or group)
Participants’ Name List x 2 (for secret friend and killer game)
Pouch x2
Project’s infopack (for writing news) and additional documents can be added related with news


Expected outcomes:
- Pax will be prepared for project activities
- To Built group dynamic between pax
- Manage their time and share responsibilities
- Have fun :)


At the end of the session:
- Trainer Checks which tasks have been accomplished and display to results.
- Debriefing Session (following questions will be asked pax)
* How do you feel right now?
* How you describe your role in this game (pax can use emulating)
* For you, who was more active in this game
* For you, who was more creative in this game
*Do you feel that you have accomplished as a team
* What do you think about time pressure?
*What would you change if you organize this game?

Notes for further use: 

Before the Game:

Don’t forget to buy/bring some present for participants (based on Treasure Card)
Arrange a online platform in order pax to send their work (i.e. with local people photo, screen shots, group photo etc.) (whatsapp, google drive etc.)

During Game:

Let pax get help from other pax during the game. It is a good thing they create together.
Arrange a place (a desk, a corner, etc.) where pax put their product during the game. It makes your work easy to follow ‘Done Zone Duties list’
Create ‘Done Zone Duties’ list and follow if it is accomplished or not. Try to avoid pax to do the same task again and again.
Inform pax about how they can share photos and other documents with trainers.
Don’t forget to bring name cards for secret friends and killer games.
(Optional) Create a project frame for individual photos.

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