Develop your own EuroMed strategy

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 

The tool tackles the planning of a EuroMed cooperation strategy in youth work.


To define an ideal strategy of a EuroMed partnership in youth work.

Step by step process: 

As a starting point for this strategy we will relate to the deep diagnosis of representatives from 25 European and Mediterranean youth organisations. As a first task we ask you to review all their needs and offers and to reach a common understanding. Out of this needs and offers we ask you to formulate a mission and a vision for an ideal EuroMed partnership in youth work. You should also define measurable ends, the means you need to deploy and the tactics you could employ to reach your ends.

Needs of Youth NGOs in EuroMed Context:

* Partners on local, Regional and global level
* Professional Staff
* Creation of Networks and lobbying
* Reaching the Disadvantaged Target Population
* Intercultural Partners for the need of ICL
* Need for Skilled Volunteers and Committed Members
* Need to Share and Exchange Knowledge in Different Areas
* Training within the Organization and for Target Group on Different Subjects
* Need for Qualified Animators and Youth Workers
* Trust of Governments and Donors
* To specialize People in Safety Promotion, Theatre, animation, facilitation...
* Freedom in the Work
* Awareness Raising in youth Work
* Knowledge on fundraising.

Offers of Youth NGOs in EuroMed Context:

* Young People With Great Potential
* Speciality in Theatre, Culture, Animation
* Qualification concerning Awareness Raising in Youth Projects
* Experienced and Qualified Partners in International Youth Work
* Offers of Training in Different Fields
* Lyable Partners
* Ability to Take Part in an International Network
* Management Skills and Technical Support
* Knowledge of needs of Youth Organizations
* Volunteers in different fields
* Contacts and Resources for Creating Partnership
* Consultations to Governmental Institutions.

Materials and resources: 

See Documents/handouts.

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