Communication Chain

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Organisational management
Project management

This tool is able to raise questions regarding communication gaps but it can also be relevant during trainings on business leadership, time management, project management, communication within an organization and cooperation enhancement.


The general purpose of the tool is to show the pitfalls of some typical business communication and direct the spotlight to the possible enhancement areas, which can contribute to a more effective information exchange process.


The tool is based on the experimental learning method (Kolb).

Step by step process: 

Every participant gets an organizational role. They are sitting in a special arrangement: one leader in the front, another mid-level manager behind him and the rest of the group are placed in a row behind the leaders. No verbal communication is allowed, only in writing. Furthermore, communication is restricted to a certain direction only (leader can only communicate with mid-level manager, mid-level manager is a link between the rest of the employees and the leader, employees cannot communicate with each other only with the middle person). Every member in the team gets a role card with a mission on it. The aim is to fulfil their mission being in line with the given regulations.

Materials and resources: 

post-its, flipchart, pens, handouts (that I bring)


The outcome would be to get answers to the following questions:
- How do I communicate in a team?
- How can I request information effectively?

And raise awareness to the importance of the following topics:
- Information sharing
- Success sharing
- Daily routine vs. time management
- Changing habits in order to become more successful

Notes for further use: 

I would like to share the tool delivering a WORKING WITH TOOLS workshop. The aim is to implement the activity by involving the participants into the process. I have already used this tool in a business context.
The duration is 90 minutes.

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