Common Memory - Common Heritage

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Multimedia tool – Report
120+ min
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Intercultural learning

A report about the meaning of the common memories of the people living in the EuroMed context, as well as the importance of the common heritage shared by the countries of this region, not only among them, but with the European countries too.


The general aim of these courses was to encourage participants to use an intercultural learning experience to highlight what is common to both Mediterranean shores: to investigate heritage, inheritance, values and memory starting from examples of popular fairy tales, consolidate Euro-Mediterranean co-operation, reinforce the quality of the EUROMED YOUTH Programme within an intercultural context, develop participants' skills in cultural management and drive their active participation in the Euro-Mediterranean process.


The training course was based on the principles and practice of non-formal education, designed to allow a learnercentred approach based on active and interactive methods. Participants were
required to self-organise part of the activities and thus assume personal responsibility
for their learning process. They came prepared for an experiential learning experience.
Participants highlighted elements of their own culture that were illustrated by fairy
tales and invented new tales together, symbolizing what can be done when different cultures really want to co-operate and live together. The activity was organised using different techniques and methods linked to communication such as language, arts, food and traditions, in addition to the five senses.
Participants were divided into small groups to prepare and organize one active performance to share their creation with other participants.
The work in this project was based on a mnemonic device called TAPE:
- T = taste and/or test
- A = analyse
- P = produce
- E = exchange and/or evaluate

Step by step process: 

See the attached report (PDF)as documentary resource.

Materials and resources: 

See the attached report (PDF)as documentary resource.

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