Clash of Civilisations or Clash of Cultures and Societies?

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120+ min
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An Educational Tool that could be used during the international activities for better develop and support the mutual understanding and deepest refection about interlinks among cultures and civilizations.


The training proposal had as main aim to increase the level of knowledge and competency in working in Mediterranean area for trainers active at national, international level or potential trainers (youth workers and youth leaders).


According to the thesis of S. Huntington we are moving towards a "Clash of Civilizations". After exposing and explaining this thesis, the exercise aims to develop and try to demonstrate whether it is not rather a clash of cultures or societies that we must speak about.
Formal and informal approach will be privileged and using as much as possible interactive methods based mainly on “peer education” mixed with discovery learning and problem learning.

Step by step process: 

1. Introduction of the Thesis by presenting a short video of Huntington.
2. Definitions of Civilization and Culture by participants.
3. Presentation of Huntington’s Map.
4. The group is divided in smaller groups of 6 participants’ maximum each.
5. Half of the sub groups will be defenders of the Thesis and the other half against.
6. Some different printed maps are disseminated in the working room.
7. These maps have to be used to provide arguments for a controversial debate where "pro" and "contra" will be able to defend their positions.
8. The arguments must be based on the thesis by submitting it on the test of maps, history and facts (conflicts wars).

Materials and resources: 

A video projector, a laptop or PC, audiovisual equipment or speakers.
A screen or at least a white wall.
Some tape to hang the photos on the walls.
Enough chairs for each pax and 8 tables.
White paper or notebooks, writers and markers.
Huntington's short video.
Maps photos.
Power Point "Through the centuries".


Knowing more about Religions.
Reflecting about the geopolitical frame of youth work.
Relation between university theses and politic.
Huntington, 11th of September and “Arab spring”: any connection?.
Link between formal and non-formal education Tools.
Transferability of Tools for Learning.


The Tool was tested during the Tool Fair VIIth Edition, held in Poland, 19 - 23 November 2012.

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