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Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 

Environmental education is a powerful tool for addressing environmental and social issues.Can help increase knowledge, build skills, influence behavior change, promote personal lifestyle, and contribue to a lower ecological footprint.


To increse problem solving skills, project development skills, to develop activities and to promote responsible actions toward, and to raise the environmental awareness.


Interactivity, team work, video broadcast, open disscusion.

Step by step process: 

- Introduction of the trainer about the workshop.
- Method explenation to the young people. The method is to use Tree of problems/ solutions in the enviromental field. Also we can use 5 why method and 5 how ? to find the key enviromental problems, and to see how can we solve them.
- During the realization of the tool, trainer needs to be always ready to help participants and to inform them for every phase of the method.
- Video broadcast for the impact of human in the world and an open discussion.
- At the end gather all the participants and make a reflection of the problem they worked on.

Materials and resources: 

Flipcharts + paper+memos with different colors+ markers, laptop,projector and internet connection.


- Development of knowledge and attitudes that contribute to pro-environmental behavior.
- Development of skills to act immediately when seeing an environmental problem.
- Develope enviromental activity pacgkages.


Advantages: This topic was used before and always raise interest at the participants.
Disadvantages: Motivation for changing the lifestyle and to think more about the environment.

Notes for further use: 

This tool can be changed. For each problem that is found during the realization of the method you can create a new activity.

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