BELIEVE - Make it don with fun!

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Adult education
Personal development

Method is based on activity which i call "BELIEVE". Method include 7 levels - Basics, Emotions, Love, Identity, Expression, Vision, Environment. You choose one goal to resolve, where you don't seen how to achieve it. After activity you have resolution.


To create understanding about nature of the situation, obstacles and supporting elements for achieving it. Situation research, analysis, transformation and implementation. Create support system. To achieve the desired goal, get a long-term result and make it as successful - faster, easier and more enjoyable. Make it don with Fun!


It is game, which are based on problem based learning, cooperative learning, discovery based learning through what you recognize behavior patterns, problems causes and human psychology and more about human as hi is , get skills to analyze, discover, resolve situations and problems. Get very powerful method how to achieve you goals and analyze any situation, problem, aim, purpose and more in your life.

Step by step process: 

Game have seven basic section - Basics, Emotions, Love, Identity, Expression, Vision, Environment. Each of this section have three under section. Together their will be 21 section in this game. For each section are prepared questions. You choose one situation in which you want to get clear vision, actions and more. So you through this method will work with one situation through 21 section. You answer of prepared questions and their can be answers - yes, no, maybe (yes/no both included). So in each of section you have to build your house. To build your house, you need to get at last 8 yes of 10. For example - section basics, under section skills - you will have to answer to such question like - What kind of skills you need to get it don? How much of skills which is needed to get this don, you already have? If you don't have this skills, where can you get it, find it? If you can get this skills by your self, who can help you and where you can find it? And so on, game will continuous tills you got at last 8 points of then in this section - so you get your skills to get it don. Then you move to next section which is physical abilities - and their you also answering to question must get 8 of 10 points. Then next and next section, while you got get your at last 8 points in each of 21 section. Then game is don. Through this process you can get resolutions and vision about you aim, situation or else.

Materials and resources: 

Method can be used in game format if you use it for less than 10 participants. But if you want to use for more then 10 participants you also can use game platform, but you need - paper, pencil, projector in ability to show presentation material, no sound or music needed.


1. Get clear vision about situation.
2. Find your gaps and your force to get it don.
3. Find resources you need to get this don.
4. Skills with this method to implement this method in life and work.
5. Self-development, self-growth and self-awareness
6. Skills to implement this method in work, team and more - to achieve team goals, work aims, personal aims and more.
7. Simply usable method with effective results in daily life in any sphere of it.


Tool can be uses many time in many situation. So it is useful and multifunctional, adaptable to any sphere of life or situation.It can be adapted to the individual use as well as group work, team-building activities, group goals, objectives and elsewhere.It can even be used on the same situation several times, if you miss something for the first time, re-use of the method can bring more clarity. Its potential disadvantages - in certain situations, it takes a lot of time and effort to invest. Method restrictions may apply to young people with learning disabilities or other mental disorders. As well as young people under the age of 16. The method is time-consuming, and requires awareness and responsibility. However, in certain situations, it can be adapted to young people under the age of 16.

Notes for further use: 

At the moment method contains a certain amount of matter and concept, but it can be customized, can be supplemented and adjusted if there is a necessity. The method is also suitable for a wide range of areas and activities.

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