Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Conflict management
Intercultural learning

A cooperation activity based on a inter-table card game tournament with specific game rules for the participants playing at each table. The peculiarity is that the game must be played in complete silence.

Step by step process: 

The game deals with an apparently simple card game, played at each table.
After a certain time needed for understanding the rules, training and exercising at each table, it is being announced that an inter-table tournament shall start.
Games are being played at each table in rounds of few minutes. At the end of each round, winners and losers at each table have to move accordingly to the highest or lowest numbered table. Then the next round can start.
What players don’t know is that at each table there is a slightly different rule.
The whole game must be played in complete silence, with non-verbal communication as well written one.
Different rounds of a few minutes are being played, different moves made, the game can be stopped when the game leader considers that enough things happened.

Different rules, cultural shock, conflicts, cultural relativism, cultural behaviours, acceptance/tolerance/compromise, identity, migration and mobility, hosting/sending, communication problems, emotions, etc.

Materials and resources: 

- Decks of 54 cards (1 per table) sorted out from 1 to 7 only;
- Rules of the game in its different versions;
- 3-6 tables of 3-6 players, with enough space between them, numbered;
- Some paper and pens on each table.

Notes for further use: 

People who already know the game should be involved as observers.
This simulation game is copyrighted. You can order the complete description on

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