Badge Wallet mobile application

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Recognition of learning

Badge Wallet is a simple and secure way to earn, store, manage and share your achievements using digital Open Badges issued through Badgecraft ( Badge Wallet enables digital recognition of skills and achievements for anyone.


The purpose of this tool is to enable learners to use progressive technology of digital Open Badges to follow learning goals, monitor learning progress, collect evidence of learning, unlock and share achievements online and offline.


Badge Wallet mobile application is used in the wider context of badge-based recognition systems and digital credentials. It is specific tool to support learners in collecting evidence to back up their claims to recognition of skills and achievements.

Step by step process: 

1. Introduction to the digital Open Badges: Why, What, When and How? (video projector and speakers)
2. Practice of using Badge Wallet mobile app to claim badges (reliable internet)
3. Good practice examples of using the Badge Wallet app (video projector and speakers)
4. Q&A

Materials and resources: 

Reliable internet connection
People with Android or iOS smart phones or tablets
Video screen and speakers could be helpful, but if needed I can bring my own portable equipment
Official website for the Badge Wallet application:


This workshop will enable to achieve the following outcomes:
- Get familiar with the technology and benefits of digital Open Badges
- Practical skills of using Badge Wallet mobile application to claim digital badges
- Wider understanding of how validation and recognition of skills and achievements can be implemented using modern technology
- New ideas for creating tailor-made recognition systems in youth work and training context


The tool will require a friendly attitude toward using technology to support learning and recognition of young people's achievements. Youth workers and trainers show see benefits in utilizing progressive digital solutions for this purpose.
Smart mobile devices or tablets and reliable internet connection are prerequisites.
Badge Wallet offers flexibility in how validation and recognition of learning, skills and achievements can be achieved.

Notes for further use: 

Be ready to help people with using their own phones to download, register and start using the Badge Wallet mobile app.
It is good to have a backup plan in case of low internet connection.

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