Back to basic. Community planning in locality.

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Peer Education

A community planning exercise in three steps. When participants collect their ideas about community, interactive way. They move together like friends, build up an ideal space where everybody can live well and name a local case to work on as change makers.


Raising awareness about importance of being a part of a community in globalised world.


Non-formal learning method, solidarity learning

Step by step process: 

Work in group (approximately 15 to 25). First you should introduce the topic of this tool for the participants. Your ideas, examples or stories can be thought-provoking for the participants.
Devide them into small groups. After go through the following tasks:
1, drawing a word cloud about "Community"
2, drawing their own map or neighbourhood
3, finding a local case and working on it (community planning)
Finally asking for feedback.

Materials and resources: 

Projector, laptop, A3 papers, colorful markers,pencils, tape or blu-tack.


The expected outcomes:
-people from different backgrounds can start a conversation
-they can express their opinion
-the participants can name their value (material an immaterial)
-the tool can help to ruin prejudice amongst participants as they reflecting on each other
-learning by doing
-it develops the presentation skills of the participants
-emphasize the importance of participatory in every society
-they can realise together in a community they can make a difference, they have power and they can solve problems more effectively than individuals

Notes for further use: 

The workshop leaders or facilitators responsibility to motivate to help the participants' creative way of thinking. To mention enough good example without influencing and control the discussion.

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