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“Animate It” is a new initiative launched by Yes Theater-Hebron allowing children to design and produce animated films about issues that concern them after receiving training in this regard.


Epower children to know about and claim their rights 


One of the biggest changes in the social structure patterns is the introduction of the Right-Based approach. The core theme of this approach is the accountability and responsibilities of the duty-bearers. Development is not regarded as an optional activity; it is deeply embedded in the responsibilities of the duty-bearers. Government departments and other duty-bearers have a mandatory duty to protect the basic rights of individuals. When those rights include such things as education, governments must provide schools and teachers with tools to deal with the realities that communities face. Yes Theatre and its partners believe that Rights Based approaches don’t regard psychosocial interventions as optional activities through generosity but as specific interventions to provide or further protection (as agreed by the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian Ministry of Health in its strategic plan regarding psychosocial well- being). Other duty-bearers may assist governments, but not in such a way that interferes with people’s rights. The theory of change adopted by Yes Theatre and its partners focuses on the accountability of duty-bearers and empowering children to know about, and claim their rights, even going as far to help children and Palestinian people demand their rights from their Government and official bodies. Yes Theatre and its partner adopt this approach, taking into consideration the importance to build duty- bearer capacity and advocate them about rights of detained and ex-detained children. Through the process a mature relationship will be created between right-holders and duty-bearers.

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