All Different but not Indifferent

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Social inclusion

Participants reflect on different cultures and their future through visits, presentations and story writing.

Step by step process: 

Participants walk to the Top of The Roof in the middle of the Old City of Jerusalem. There, some excerpts from three holly books are read. Follows a description of the activity and its purpose.
The activity starts with the visit of three families from the three different religions in their own homes.
After the visit, participants gather at the head of Muslim community home, where every group gives a presentation of its visit.
The participants are asked to write a story about the cultures’ futures according to the given instructions.
-Each group is handed a paper with written on it one sentence.
-Each person from the group has to write a sentence after having read the ones previously written in a way that construct a coherent narrative.
-Each one writes one sentence and passes the paper over to the next one.
At the end, each group comes up with a story.
All the stories are then collected and read continuously.
Then a comparison is made by the participants who launch a discussion about the other possibilities about Jerusalem.

Debrifing: a tale which is created by the trainers telling about the whole day of the participants is read out loud. The aim is to make the participants remember the day’s highlights. While listening to the tale, they are expected to pick up paper and write or draw their emotions. The participants are then invited to talk about their emotions.
A final conclusion ends up the day’s activity.

Materials and resources: 

Information and question sheet, families, Old City place, pens, papers, flip-chart paper, holy books.

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