Active Citizen Tool

Type of tool: 
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Conflict management
Personal development

It is based on the principles of participation andthe belief that greater inclusion in dialogue not only contributes to learning but also builds mutual understanding and stronger communities. It helps develop our empathy with others.


Understand how dialogue can be used
What is dialogue
Purpose of dialogue - community development
Ability to learn and share through dialogue
Confidence to learn and share through dialogue
Principles of dialogue
Approaches to dialogue - Listening skills, questioning skills, community development


informal learning through workshops.

Step by step process: 

We do not need too much material in such workshops, so I don't think preparation would be a huge matter, since the workshops are about communication and dialogue, its all about speaking and sharing.

Materials and resources: 

40 A4 paper, 10 Flipsharts, Sticky notes.


I expect to increase the knowledge about the importance of dialogue & communication, and how we can implement correct dialogue in our daily lives and challenges.


I implemented the tool twice before, I received a lot of good feedback about how successful the workshop was, because the activities are based on problem solving and practical wokshops where everyone participate and make his own personal chart and definition of the subject, which is comuication and dialogue. I understood that participants appreciate the workshops when they come out with their ideas as values and principles.

Notes for further use: 

I intend to share my tool in the market place

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