The 4 Headed Monkey

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning
Personal development

In this activity we will explore VALUES and discover how react when others react to them.

We start by analyzing which one are our values by using the tool "value Cards".

Then we can start to play the boardgame to discover other people values.


To learn about human values & european values.


Is a facilitated game experience that stars by using a deck of value cards to get familiar with the values of our own and then playing a boardgame experience and a debriefing afterwards.

Step by step process: 

Value Cards

When the participants arrive there is already a shape made with the value cards (a deck of cards) and participants are invited to take a look around them and to choose 3 values they consider they are part of themselves.

Then they are invited to small sharing in pairs, little groups (depending on the numbers).

Once we are a bit more familiarized with the values, the own and the rest, we can play the game.

There's an introductory video to be watch and a big map (120x120cm) is ready on top of a table or the floor.

There's a set of player pieces, game pieces and avatars that the facilitator will explain on how to use and the basic rules.

Each participant receives 1 value that they must keep secret and defend at all times.

Then the game begins with a debate on which every participant must share his/her thoughts without revealing the value.

After that the game provides with different opportunities to discover the values of the others.

The one who guess all of the others wins.

After the game is finished there's a debriefing of 25 minutes to go further on understanding what happened during the game and make connections with real life situations.

Materials and resources: 

I will bring the map of the game and its content.
I would need a projector to introduce the game and the experience and some speakers.
I have some music but I don't have URL since they are not on spotify or any other platform of free access.


It varies from group to group but our intention is to start the sparkle to "look with different eyes" because we are all different, and we have different scale of values, how those values are stablished floow a different pattern and we must be aware than we are probably unique and all scale of values deserve respect and understanding, but also with a need for responsibility and being in command on who we are and how we are.


Yes it has, we will share some statistics on the date because we have just finalise the game production.

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