Beirut - 29th June / 1st July 2018

The tools presented

One time that the process of selection will be finalized, you will see in this area appearing a TITLE, SUMMARY and DIRECT LINK to the descriptive form of the TOOLS that will be presented at TF LIBAN 2018.


  • Mohamad AbdulSater

    3 thirds match is based on the principle that the basic values of fair play gender equalityt eamwork and respect are just as important as football skills
    The activity has three phases:Pre Match discussion – games match - Post Match discussion
    3 third

  • Rayan Rawda

    In this activity, using any sport that can be played by two teams and one ball (Basketball, Football, volleyball, etc.), participants will experience how stereotypes, and pre-judgement can affect our relationships in life.

  • Maya Jizzini

    Do you know what bottle may do?
    Do you imagine in one shot of this bottle what can change?
    The idea behind this bottle (tool) is to mitigate tensions between host communities and refugees through social cohesion and social stability that through changing

  • Ola Al Samhoury

    Have you ever set a plan and were about to accomplish your goals until you made a wrong step that costed you time and effort?
    Strategic decision making is challenging to reach our goals.
    If you are up to the challenge then Check-Cohesion is your choice

  • Reine Zahreddine

    The tool focuses on the individual as a unique entity in a bigger whole and uses theatre as a tool for development, making learning and expression easier and much fun! Participants will Dare to BE, and of course, they will laugh a lot!

  • Nisreenalm Al Moghraby

    How can we as educators teach the heart before the mind? How can we connect to our students?

    A tool of co-creating a journey of little steps commitment in the process of learning and experiencing empathy to foster

  • Abdullah Jatal

    “They are gays.They are aggressive.She is sexy. He is stupid”
    Fed-up of all these statements? Is Art only for artists and creative people? Or is it something practical that we can use in our daily life?
    Join us and try it in order to judge yourselves.

  • Justine AbiSaad

    Let's Talk is an interactive game about people conflict and communication.Your mission in this game is to challenge yourself,your habits,and the others to transform the conflict in play.The game is inspired from real life conflciting situations in Lebanon

  • Hadi Aridi

    A role play activity that puts trainees in an explorative and interactive case where social inequality is presence and allows them to question the multiple elements and reasons that led to the absence of social cohesion.

  • Hassan Nasser

    Still wondering why it never worked with your ex? Here’s the activity that will address your unanswered questions
    The statements we hear in our daily life will be seen from a different perspective enabling us to recognize the feelings and needs delivered

  • Sawsan Hakim

    Love Board Games! How about a GIANT ONE? In this game you are the pieces. 15 to 25 players can play. To win, you need communication skills, inclusion spirit and a lucky die. Why THIS board game? It is adaptable to any topic, group,or context.

  • Elias Meouchy

    A game focusing on labeling,assumptions and prejudgments:participants get to live real life experience which everyone encounters on daily basis,observe its consequences,effects and its impact on each/everyone of us;Raise awareness towards prejudgments.