20th October 2017

The tools presented

One time that the process of selection will be finalized, you will see in this area appearing a TITLE, SUMMARY and DIRECT LINK to the descriptive form of the TOOLS that will be presented at TF KOSOVO 2017.


  • Linda Çavdarbasha

    Environmental education is a powerful tool for addressing environmental and social issues.Can help increase knowledge, build skills, influence behavior change, promote personal lifestyle, and contribue to a lower ecological footprint.

  • Dragana Petrushevska

    The Citizen Journalist Initiative is tool for all citizens who want to express their opinions about the issues they find interesting or worth to be discussed in public.

  • Dorentina Berisha

    Encouraging community citizens to invite their cultural heritage authorities through their own or group initiatives to seek in responsibility for the legal protection of cultural objects in their respective mechanism in order to promote urban identity.

  • Lea Lenđel

    Introducing youngsters to the meaning of culture towards different art, human behavior, history, group communication and personal learning.

  • Dino Sinanović

    The package of cards was created during the training course "DixIt Yourself", by turning personal stories about different aspects of interculturality (e.g. Me and the Other, Go closer- curiosity, Diversity, Ambiguity) into visual form.

  • Snezana Milacic

    Little lab of gender issues - multidimensional workshop for youth in order to explore topic of gender differences from different level, personal, societal, traditional, modern and identifying paths for reaching through gender equality.

  • Bozina Stesevic

    Interactive workshop dealing with the issues of prejudice and stereotypes, emphasizing on similarities between people, and promoting diversity and equality.

  • Elena Lazova

    "Online democracy for youth" is a digital and mobile application for e-participation. With the development of technology, the decision-makers should adapt to the needs of the young people in order to involve them more in the democratic processes.

  • Maja Kos

    This activity is used in training for mainstreaming diversity and inclusion. Main objective is to educate, advocate, and celebrate diversity including making recommendations to create a more inclusive environment.

  • Denis Milla

    Theatre as means of communication and empathy

  • Lusiana Mailaj

    Time-Out is an educational tool played in mother tongue or in a foreign language. Being an interactive activity, it fosters body language, active listening, intercultural communication and imagination.

  • Corentin Praud

    The Video Workshops' aims are to improve creativity and self expression through video making. Participants will experiment every steps of this creative process, from the idea to the achievement.