Tools Market


The Tools Market is an opportunity to discover a broader range of tools, publications, and methodologies brought by participants. The buzz created by so many ideas being explored simultaneously is one of the highlights of the Tool Fair. In this market, you will be able to see up close what other youth workers are creating, and who knows, maybe while wandering around the stalls, you will find your next favorite tool, a future partnership, or inspiration to create your own


At the Monastery of Serra do Pilar

Part of the area classified by UNESCO as World Heritage in December 1996, the Monastery of Serra do Pilar is the architectural landmark of Gaia. The interesting church and cloisters are laid out according to a circular design unique in Portugal. The convent built in the 16th century belonged to the Order of Saint Augustine. The church is characterised by a circular shape, a replica of the Church of Santa Maria Redonda in Rome, and is covered by a hemispheric vault with a narrow balcony running its full extent. It took 72 year to complete due to the lack of funding and the political turmoil of those times – with the kingdom of Portugal having fallen to neighbouring Spain. One legacy of that event was the adoption of a Spanish saint for the monastery, Our Lady of Pilar.

The transfer from the ITF XV venue will be by shuttle buses provided by the Portuguese national agency. The exhibitors will reach the venue 1 hour earlier by shuttle bus.

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