Which are the challenges that youth workers are facing preventing violent radicalisation

Nov 2019

Youth workers are more and more facing new challenges and they need to re-act toward new complex situation. Youth and local communities are living great tranformation and the social tension and insertitude is bringing more polarisation.
Youth workers are now and more dealing with youth or youth movements going toward possible phenomena of violent radicalisation or extremism.
The role of youth work in prevention phase in many countries is not rather clear or fomalised yet.

The lack of clarity and agreements about the national and local priorities is a challenge as doen’t allow to provide youth worker a clear framework of work, This is also creating and supporting, often, feeling of insecurity and fears within the local communities. The topic of violent radicalisation, in fact, it is very sensitive and often connected with personal experiences, prejudices and sometime a not deep undertanding of the topic as such.

The local authorities as well local institutions not always offer support to the youth work initiatives and role in the frame of preventing work, This is supported by a fragile legal system in some countries when comes to speak about radicalisation: the focus is more on security rather than prevention in general.

Among challenges, youth workers mentioned the personal and professional developement how to provide answer to these challenges .

Competencies are needed to tranform the individual and community approach toward this topic. Competencies are needed to develop community resilience for strengh the youth and empower their critical thinking and have their indipendet thoughts

The youth work need to find a proper recognition to be part of a multilevel intervention that is required when we comes to preventing violent radicalisation.

We speak often about the need of work in network, in cooperation with other local actors, institutions or authorities.
In case of youth work preventing violent radicalisation it's a MUST. In fact, youth worker in one among other relevant actors in this process and if we don't create a proper cross-sectorial approach based on the mutual respect of each role will be difficult to foreseen an effective individual project for the youth. In this cross-sectorial approach is important to focus on the wider picture, being able to cooperate with institutions at all level. It is important to develop new competencies for new upscale networking cooperation.

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