What do we mean by "Journey of a Tool for Learning"?

Nov 2012

When you first design a tool for learning,you never know what will happen to it. That is an adventure... it's a creative adventure!  

On the day you first use it, the circumstances might be different to the ones you planned for. The people might respond differently to your expectations and straight away you adapt it to make it work better.... or you think how and why they had such reactions and you decide to try again with a different target group... or or... you can decide to ask another trainer to test with you the activity.... or ... many possibilities to adpat, change, modify or create ....

But also the people who participate in it might each take the memory away and some weeks, months or even years later use what they remember in a new context. Some people might read a report of the training event and from that alone make use of your idea. It is not uncommon to discover years later, that your idea has evolved and come back to you in a different form.The rules and materials might be the same but the educational methodology might have been lost or adapted for a new audience – or vice versa.

One of the aims of the Tools for Learning Strategy is to add some structure to this process and gain the added benefits of consciously developing these tools in a purposeful way. The strategy not only aims to facilitate sharing of Tools, but also to provide opportunities where peers in the field on non-formal learning can reflect and suggest developments. 

Image Credits: 
Siiri andTanel of Joonmedia - http://joonmeedia.blogspot.com

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