The Tools for Learning Strategy

Nov 2012
Feet working out which way to walk

The Tools For Learning Strategy has three pillars: the Tools Publications, the online Tool Box and the Tool Fair annual event. 

Together these three enable Educational Tools to be presented, promoted, reviewed and developed. The intention of the overall strategy is to make Tools for Learning accessible and to engage users in discussion about quality and development.

The tools Publications such as the Practical Guides, Studies and Research and Newsletter are used as an educational background for engaging discussions, but also creating pedagogical reference to the strategy in the Non formal learning framework.

The Tool Box is an online library where people can search for, review and contribute to the de- velopment of Tools for learning.The Tool Box relies on trainers uploading their ideas and on their peers to use them and provide feedback.

The Tool Fair is an annual event held in different European countries to showcase Tools for Learning and bring different stakeholders together to experience and discuss them. The Tool Fair also promotes the process of peer review and offers the insights of ‘critical friends’ for those who present a tool.

A ‘Tools for Learning Working Group’ has been set up to guide the progress of this strategy. The Working Group is made up of representatives of National Agencies of the Youth in Action Programme plus experienced trainers, coaches and facilitators. In addition to providing opportunities for the presentation and development of Tools for Learning, the Working Group also contributes to the wider dissemination of Tools for Learning beyond the youth programmes and into other areas such as Formal and Life Long Learning.

TheTools for Learning strategy is the responsibility of the SALTO-YOUTH Euromed Resource Centre as a horizontal task on behalf of the Network of SALTO Resource Centres. 

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