Giulia Degortes Caivano

Giulia D.C. lives on an island, which makes travelling harder and all the more interesting because of that. As her grandad used to tell her when she was growing up, “when you’re surrounded by the sea, it only makes sense to want to go beyond it”.
She studied to be many things she’s not, and instead picked a job that she loves, and which entails quite a lot of travelling, and became a youth worker. She’s worked for some time with the Sardinian branch of CEMEA, in Cagliari, and then happily gave her heart and soul to Associazione Interculturale Nur.
She’s very passionate about board games, innovative tools for learning and all things digital, she loves theatre, music, scarves, huge books and a good cup of tea. Some say she’s not to be trusted because she’s one of the very few Italian people who doesn’t like coffee, but her love of pizza has until now been enough to redeem her.