Tools to Explore


Tools to Explore

TOOLS TO EXPLORE was a succesful feature in Tool Fair XI and we decided to propose for this year new explorations of digital and not digital tools.

In addition to the sharing in the WORKING WITH TOOLS workshops and in the MARKET, you have also the possibility to choose to deepen one tool along the whole duration of the Tool Fair, working step by step each day for one hour aproximately.

The only things we expect (and offer as an opportunity) are for you to enjoy the work group with an expert of the tool and to have a chance to see the results of the other working groups.

Now it is your moment to choose! How does it work?

-> From today you can choose one from the 4 available Tools to Explore. Each facilitator will work with groups of approximately 20 participants. Just click on the tools titles to read the full description and join the one you are more interested in by clicking the link "Register" above each description. [REMEMBER: IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO REGISTER YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN]

You better choose ASAP, because when one Tool to Explore is fully booked (maximum is 20 participants) you will have a restricted choice.

So, let’s choose now and then meet all together at the end of the exploration!

Tool to Explore



Youth participation by gaming - Minecraft/Minetest as a tool for youth work

Tobias Thiel


How to Design Engaging Learning Environments

Anita Silva

Sylvie Vartan

Creative writing in international youth work

Mark Taylor


Discover and create Virtual and Augmented Reality

Laimonas Ragauskas