The Tool Fair explained

Dear participant of the TOOL FAIR 2015,  

the 10th edition of the TOOL FAIR will offer you different ways to contribute and to share your tools for learning.

For this reason we would like to introduce you common criteria for the selection of the tools that will be shared during theWORKING WITH TOOLS sessions.

Therefore, with this message we would like to give you some additional elements to take into account while registering and describing the tool you would like to present at the Tool Fair.  

The Tool Fair is about tools for learning

It is very important to distinguish a tool for learning from an approach or way of working (e.g. using art with adolescents). This - even if it can be very valuable or if the applicant is an excellent trainer or youth worker - does not fit with the purposes of the Tool Fair. The tool to present should be a specific educational tool or a series of them, with title, objectives and target group (e.g. «Bidibibodybibu» simulation game dealing with Communication, Conflict management and Organisational management issues:

You can have a look to the Practical Guide:

During the preparatory phase of the Tool Fair, the Team will support you to further develop your tool, in order to better describe it and to adjust its presentation/implementation to the different available spaces. For this reason the Team needs from you a specific description to start with.  

Ready to give and take

It refers to the attitude when participating in the Tool Fair: we consider that and receiving are necessary conditions of the learning process. In fact, the experience tells us that participants who are just ”showing their tools“ or “listening without contributing“ do not benefit enough from the whole programme and do not support the learning of the others. This attitude of giving and taking will be the “soul” also of this year edition. As you might know, the Tool Fair goes in the line of an overall strategy of improving the quality of tools for learning. The prep-work, the coaching, the documentation, the structured feedback, are focused on that.  

Three spaces are open for your contribution

This edition of the Tool Fair will offer you a chance to contribute with your tools for learning in three different spaces:  

1 - WORKING WITH TOOLS There will be 6 sessions of parallel presentations/implementations of tools for learning proposed by participants and selected beforehand by the Tool Fair Team. The presentations/implementations will have two different durations: 1 hour or 1 hour and a half. This is a classic ingredient of the Tool Fair recipe, but this year we will try to maximize the involvement of participants ensuring a final round of feedback at the end of every workshop.  

2 – MARKET PLACE Even without presenting a tool for learning in a workshop format you will have the chance to bring and share other type oftools for learning in the market place:  energizers/icebreakers, publications, videos and media, ‘edutainment’ games and other educational products you consider that can be valuable for this space. The market place will be a self-organised space lasting around 1 hour and a half. If you don’t have any products to show there, then there will be plenty to discover!  

3 – PEER DISCUSSION TABLES During the last morning there will be a specific space for debate and discussion around tables among practitioners of tools for learning. It will be a space open to participants’ contribution and creativity (using an adapted version of World Café). The topics will be raised according to the participants’ interests.  

By 15th of November the Tool Fair team will communicate the selection results and will start to organise the programme ofWORKING WITH TOOLS sessions. After, each participant who will share a selected tool in ‘workshop format’ will be coached before, during and after the presentation, in order to support a better assessment of the proposed tool for learning. With the final setting of the WORKING WITH TOOLS sessions, around 22nd of November you will receive an e mail inviting you to decide which tools’ workshops you want to attend as a participant, creating your own agenda.  

Let’s start the adventure, preparing all together a fruitful event!  

Davide Tonon
Coordinator of the TOOL FAIR Team