Tool Coaches


Tool Coaches are a well-established feature of the International Tool Fair. All those who will be selected to present their tool for learning in a workshop will have the chance to be assigned a coach who can support and challenge them to do the best out of their tool. ITF XVI edition will provide tool coaches also for the Tool to Explore.

They have a coaching and mentoring role, in line with the themes of the Tool Fair and the process and rationale of the workshops’ sessions. The tool coaches' role includes contact with the presenter prior to their session, attendance at the session, and a follow-up conversation as soon as possible afterward to ensure that even presenters have a positive learning experience at the Tool Fair.

Tool coaches have been prepared by their coordinator Federica Demicheli and they have been assigned to the different presenters running Tool Workshops (TW) and trainers leading a Tool to Explore pathway (TTE): 

Ekaterina Sherer (Spain) will coach

  • TW presented by Anna-Julia Schlemminger (Germany)
  • TW presented by Maria Marinova (Bulgaria) 
  • TW presented by Wahib Ben Chahla (Tunisia)
  • TW presented by Jennifer Cauchi (Malta)
  • TTE run by Dagna Gmitrowicz (Poland) 

Dragan Atanasov (Republic of North Macedonia) will coach

  • TW presented by Jutte Dessein (Belgium) 
  • TW presented by Jarne Ghijsels (Belgium)
  • TW presented by Margaux Le Gall (France)
  • TTE run by Laure Vial Boni & Clara Henry (France) 

Zilvinas Mazeikis (Lithuania) will coach

  • TW presented by Stanislavs Babins (Estonia)
  • TW presented by Mai Hegazy (Egypt) 
  • TW presented by Herika Karman (Hungary)
  • TW presented by Michał Pietrzok (Poland) 
  • TTE run by Antoine Karam & Wissam Abdo (Lebanon)

Ognian Gadoularov (Bulgaria) will coach

  • TW presented bKatarzyna Strzelecka (Poland)
  • TW presented by Yuha Laakso (Finland) 
  • TW presented by Diane Deiana (France)
  • TW presented by Anna Siegler (Hungary)
  • TTE run by Esther Vallado (Spain)

Susana Costante Pereira (Portugal) will coach

  • TW presented by Magaux Duboix (France)
  • TW presented by Vahram Petrosyan (Armenia)
  • TW presented by Maria Acs (Germany)
  • TW presented by Vladislav Artiukhov (Germany)
  • TTE run by Felipe Alves (Portugal)

 Davide Tonon (Spain) will coach

  • TW presented by Vitalii Volodchenko (Ukraine)
  • TW presented by Martina Sirol (Croatia)
  • TW presented by Valérie Laflamme-Caron (Quebec) 
  • TW presented by Daiga Buda (Latvia) 
  • TTE run by Ivana Volf (Republic of Serbia)


In the following lines you can also know better ITF XVI tool coaches

Ekaterina Sherer

I am a freelance trainer and consultant in the Youth Field and field of Adult Education, delivering trainings and creating experiences for 20 years on local and international levels. My passion is non-formal education, lifelong learning, recognition of the NFL, online learning, and Human Rights Education! I believe each person has a great potential for learning, discovering and developing, we just need to find a key and create a safe and inspiring space for each participant of the process.

Dragan Atanasov

Trainer, researcher, evaluator, and author, specialized in youth work recognition, youth policy, cultural diversity, and community development. Over 10 years of experience in conducting research and assessments in the field of youth work, designing and delivering non-formal education activities, developing policy documents, and monitoring and evaluating programs.

Davide Tonon

Youth worker, trainer and facilitator dedicated to the engagement of young people in the glo-cal community, promoting intercultural learning and political awareness for social transformation. He is based in Barcelona and has a quite long experience in Tool Fair.

Zilvinas Mazeikis

He started his youth-work journey 10 years ago. Since then he tried out many "hats" of a trainer, youth worker, consultant, NGO director and fundraiser. Main interests in youth work: mental health, dyslexia and graphic recording, social cohesion.

Ognian Gadoularov

A passionate naturalist, rock climber and expert of wildlife, birds and forests, for 13 years he has been working in the field of non-formal education and personal development.
Ognian supports people to unfold their full potential in life and to discover themselves. His favourite topics are personal development, self-discovery, responsible consumption, sustainability and environmental protection.

Susana Costante Pereira

Susana Constante Pereira is graduated in Basic Education, from Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico do Porto. Project manager, trainer, and consultant in the context of Non-Formal Education, she facilitates collective and learning processes, as well as the development of competences learner centered and based on experiential learning. She has also taken on the role of researcher and has been involved in the creation of several publications in her areas of expertise (which include Education for Development, Education for Global Citizenship, Education for Human Rights, Education for Democratic Citizenship, Intercultural Education and Diversity, Gender Equality, Learning and Development, Organizational Management and Development, Intervention and Community Development, Governance, Networks and Partnerships, Peer Education and Coaching, Recognition of Learning and Skills, among others ).