Tool Coaches

Tool Coaches are a well-established feature of the International Tool Fair. All those who will be selected to present their tool for learning in a workshop will have the chance to be assigned a coach who can support and challenge them to do the best out of their tool. ITF XV edition will provide tool coaches also for the Tool to Explore.

They have a coaching and mentoring role, in line with the themes of the Tool Fair and the process and rationale of the workshops’ sessions. The tool coaches' role includes contact with the presenter prior to their session, attendance at the session, and a follow-up conversation as soon as possible afterward to ensure that even presenters have a positive learning experience at the Tool Fair.

Tool coaches have been prepared by their coordinator Federica Demicheli and they have been assigned to the different presenters running Tool Workshops (TW) and trainers leading a Tool to Explore pathway (TTE): 

Ekaterina Sherer will coach

  • TW presented by Igor Spetic (Croatia)
  • TW presented by Anna Siegler (Hungary)
  • TW presented by Kadri Maripuu & Colin Van Noordt (SALTO P&I)
  • TTE run by Alicja Jablonska (Denmark)

Dragan Atanasov will coach

  • TW presented by Isabel Duque (Portugal)
  • TW presented by Jo Claeys (Portugal)
  • TW presented by Dorottya Salamon (Hungary)
  • TW presented by Tony Geudens (SALTO I&P)
  • TTE run by Zbigniew Janczukovicz & Julia Leiniewska (Poland)

Zilvinas Mazeikis will coach

  • TW presented by Jelena Kamenko Mayer (Croatia)
  • TW presented by Nuno Ferreira (Portugal)
  • TW presented by Snezana Baclija Knoch (SALTO EE&C)
  • TTE run by Michele di Paola (Italy)

Dagna Gmitrowicz will coach

  • TW presented by Andrea Rampini (Italy)
  • TW presented by Pasquale lanni (Italy)
  • TW presented by Ana Farelo & Eduardo Rodrigues (Portugal)
  • TTE run by Susie Nicodemi (UK) and Snezana Baclija Knoch (Republic of Serbia)

Susana Costante Pereira (Portugal) will coach

  • TW presented by Hala Najim (Lebanon)
  • TW presented by Ken Tilk (Estonia)
  • TW presented by Vikja Aratò (Hungary)
  • TTE run by Lama Zeinoun Tabet (Lebanon)

 Davide Tonon will coach

  • TW presented by Réka Szirtesi -Nagy (Hungary)
  • TW presented by Zsuzanna Juhàsz  (Hungary)
  • TW presented by Javi Quillez Peña (Spain)
  • TW presented by Ana Nogueira (Portugal)

Federica Demicheli will coach

  • TTE run by Bruno Antonio (Portugal)