Tool Coaches

Tool Coaches are a well-established feature of the Tool Fair. All those who will be selected to present their tool for learning in a workshop will have the chance to be assigned a coach who can support and challenge them to do the best out of their tool.

They have a coaching and mentoring role, in line with the themes of the Tool Fair and the process and rationale of the workshops’ sessions. The tool coaches' role includes contact with the presenter prior to their session, attendance at the session and a follow-up conversation as soon as possible afterward to ensure that even presenters have a positive learning experience at the Tool Fair.

Tool coaches have been prepared by their coordinator Federica Demicheli and they have been assigned to the different presenters running a Tool Workshops: 

Ekaterina Sherer (Russia) will coach

  • Carmen Ionita (Romania) with "The Big Brain Box: memory Maze edition"
  • Gergo Kiss (Hungary) with "Sounds of Silence"
  • Ayfer Alper (Turkey) with "Touch and Learn Sensory Organs with Makey Makey"


Janne Kareinen (Finland) will coach

  • Réka Szirtesi-Nagy (Hungary) with "Mirror"
  • Ilektra Diakolamprianou (Greece) with "School Council"
  • Marta Skorczynska (Poland) with "FullFeel my needs"


Zilvinas   Mazeikis (Lithuania) will coach

  • Sanjin Smajlović (Croatia) with "Digital Storytelling"
  • Marcus Vrecer (Austria) with "YouTrain - fresh videos for non-formal education"
  • Barbara Földi (Hungary) with "System Thinking"


Dagna Gmitrowicz (Poland) will coach

  • Mika Pietilä (Finland) with "How to talk to young people about sexual violence and grooming"
  • Marija Fridl Grosicki (Croatia) with "Recycled Music Making"
  • Teodor Sobczak (Poland) with "EuroSzanse (EuroOpportunities)"


Susana Costante Pereira (Portugal) will coach

  • Sybren Bouwsma (Nederlands) with "Nature and emotional intelligence"
  • Liga Rudzite (Latvia) with "EUtopia Discovery Lab"
  • Tornike Chargeishvili (Georgia) with "Facilitating sport and peace session using sport-based games"


Federica Demicheli (Italy) will coach

  • Aly Sassi (Belgium) with "Street Caravan: Youth, resilience and non-formal education"
  • Peter Huray (Slovakia) with "Zoom into communication"
  • Chloe Souter (France) with "Eggbot"

The Tool Coach will also support Tool to Explore experts in the management of their self-assessment process.