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Check out the tools that have been uploaded for the Tool Fair IX in this page.

TFIX Quick daily agenda

Day 4th November
Official Opening Andrei Popescu Communication Coordinator from Romanian NA
Representatives of NAs and Salto-Youth EuroMed
PhD Lecturer Andreea Hathazi ‘Challenges and opportunities in education:Tools for diversity.’
Break 11:00 - 11:30
11:30 INClujİNG activity
The strategy of TOOLFAIR Visibility
National TOOL FAIR in Italy
Lunch 13:00-15.00
15:00 Workshop Session I
Blind Square
[Room: Michelangelo]
Identity - who else am I to be?
[Room: Botticelli]
Graphic Facilitation as a tool of learning
[Room: Bernini]
Mirror of Nature & Threshold Walk
[Room: Caravaggio]
Break 16:30 - 17:00
17:00 Workshop Session II
Gestures Dominoes
[Room: Michelangelo]
Puzzle Squares
[Room: Caravaggio]
Sport as a tool for social inclusion
[Room: Botticelli]
Language as a tool to create awareness in gender issues in a classroom context
[Room: Bernini]
Dinner 19:00 - 20:30
21:00 ICEVENING (ıntercultural Night)
Day 5th November


Plenary feedback and Intro of the day
Workshop III
Group coding of videogames and animations
[Room: Botticelli]
Dream Journey Rev. 1 
[Room: Michelangelo]
Super Heroes Live Action Role Play Game
[Room: Bernini]
Starburst of empowerment!
[Room: Caravaggio]
Break 11:00- 11:30
11:30 Following of workshops
Lunch 13:00-14:30


Intro of publication and intro of workshop about graphic facilitation

City Scape for InClujon by Share Federation

21:00 Traditional Dinner Outside @ Casa Ardeleana
Day 6th November


Plenary feedback and Intro of the day
Workshop IV
Stop Motion for Social inclusion
[Room: Caravaggio]
Diritti in Musica - Rights in Music
[Room: Michelangelo]
Transforming the iceberg - Theory and practice of intercultural dialogue
[Room: Bernini]
ADDIE model
[Room: Botticelli]
Break 11:00- 11:30
11:30 Workshop V
Are you ready for "inner readiness"
Competence development in non-formal and informal learning
“Let’s get critical”
Critical Reflection
Jonathan BOWYER
"From Formal to non formal education: "Transfer-Ability"

The example of Institutional pedagogy
‘’We Transfer”
Miriam TEUMA
Lunch 13:00-15:00
15:00 Plenary feedback from the TC people

(Open Space Activity)

Break 16:30 - 17:00
17:30 Final feedback and presentation of the outcomes of Art Facilitation

Final Evaluation and Closing

Dinner 19:00 - 20:30

TF IX day 3

TF IX day 2

TF IX day 1

Transfer Ability!

Cluj-Napoca is located in Transylvania. If you come between the 3rd and 7th of November, you might not come across vampires, however, you will meet people eager to share their educational tools.

This 9th Tool Fair has found a new setting conducive to share, to create and to imagine in the service of Education: Formal and Non-Formal.

The history of Cluj-Napoca is rich and restless; it left an architectural heritage of great value and is also one of the most important cultural centers of Romania: castles, fortresses, botanical gardens, museums and parks. Cluj-Napoca also has a vibrant arts scene that combines tradition and progress.

To bring that legacy to us, it took many "purveyors" responsible for transmitting their knowledge and skills and resistant to adverse events.

It is the same for Education, its tools and actors.

Cluj-Napoca and Tool Fair were made to meet and go together some of the way for more transferability reaching out the core of the Tool fair philosophy: "Transfer Ability"!

Bernard Abrignani

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