TF Talks

Tool Fair Talks
 are the equivalent of TED Talks but specifically arranged for the Tool Fair.

During all the year we are constantly looking for presenters who understand the field and the theme of the International Tool Fair, or one of the priority items chosen for each edition, who can bring some new/different/peculiar perspectives and get the participants thinking in a new/different/peculiar way about the theme. 

The TF Talks last between 12 and 15 minutes maximum and usually include visuals, audio or the use of support materials. The TF TALK will be recorded by the communication team of the Tool Fair and the edited versions will be published in SALTO Educational Tools Portal and via social networks.

The TF Talkers for 2022 are:

Ermete Mariani is of Italian origin and he lives in Paris since 2001, but he has spent long periods in third countries. Since 2017, Ermete has been working for UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union as knowledge and communication manager of five Interreg MED-funded projects on Mediterranean sustainable development: biodiversity protection, and sustainable tourism and mobility.

After a significant journalistic experience in an international multimedia news agency specialised in the Muslim and Arab world based in Rome, (2003 – 2010) he has been working as trainer on non-formal learning processes and communication expert for the SALTO Euro-Med in Paris. From 2013 to 2017, he has been working as a consultant on multimedia content strategies for NGOs, Public Relation agencies and a network of think tanks based in Brussels.

His Talk:

Youth engagement in sustainable development
As we live in big data-driven and multi channel communication environment and we are collectively facing unprecedented and existential challenges, we have few reasons to believe that communication could be instrumental to save the work, or to say the least to contribute not simply to raise awareness but also to promote people (and youth) engagement for sustainable development.

In my talk, I would like to dwell into some shortcomings of the communication environment in which we try to survive, and to propose a possible way out of this quagmire to really foster youth engagement for sustainable development. To conclude, I would like to highlight how much we need to include the elders to in this communication effort because they might still have a role to play and , after all, we are on the same boat or, as Bruno Latour would have said, we are on the same plane and we do not know where to land...


Anita Silva is a Portuguese creative trainer, college professor, consultant and… clown. She has extensive experience in Non-Formal Education approaches in International Youth Work, Higher Education, Community Work and on the Private Sector. She has a Master in Creativity and Innovation and loves to take people and organisations on a journey outside their box. She is the founder of Clowncare, an NGO that makes clown visits to eldercare settings and the director of Team MAIS, a social consulting company that helps organisations to take Learning, Creativity and Innovation a step further.

Her Talk:

Excuse me, sustain a ...what?

Sustainability became a common word nowadays. We hear it, read it and probably say it regularly in the Youth field. But what do we really mean?
Should we start walking to get to the next Tool Fair by foot, avoiding our very polluting flights? Serve only vegan food? Sleep in bamboo cabins and take only cold showers?
Where do YOU stand? Were you cringing while reading the questions above, or mentally nodding in agreement? Wherever you stand, an interesting question to discuss about sustain/ability is what exactly are we trying to sustain, and do we even have the ability to sustain it? 
Let’s look into our personal stories and think how we can create a more sustainable ending. Well maybe not an ending. That’s not very sustainable. A next chapter.


Serena Mancini. Provider educator teacher - Presence Activist. She is a trainer for Feltrinelli Edu and for other organizations and participates as a mentor in Goodgame Italy. Her work is oriented to promote body presence and listening as practices to increase self-awareness, encouraging the attitude to change and fostering mutual communication.  She is passionate to working with teams and organizations with the aim of creating a culture of Collaboration. She promotes human-centered and holistic approach to problem solving and explores with curiosity the potential of system thinking to create a more equitable and sustainable future.
She has a Degree in Architecture and a Master in Marketing and Web Communication, She used to as communications manager for YOOX-Net-A-Porter, inaugurating activities in the Japanese market. For the past ten years she has been dedicated to teaching yoga, delving into topics related to breath dynamics and facilitating yoga nidra practices.

Her Talk:

Embrace Change through Presence
Does the body mark the boundary between the analogue and the digital world? Or is it the link / communication tool between the two? Should we fear ‘technology innovation’ in order to protect our ‘humanity’? By releasing the binary of right and wrong and instead paying attention to the complexity we are living in, we can unveil our fear of the unknown and find that there are options available to us that are distinct to this time. When we become present to the opportunities that are current, we can actively embrace change in ways that increase our individual freedom and sustainability for the Earth. How do we need to transform ourselves to transform the world? How do we need to “be"? What do we need to practice to shape the future we are longing for?