TF Talks

Tool Fair Talks
 are the equivalent of TED Talks but specifically arranged for the Tool Fair.

During all the year we are constantly looking for presenters who understand the field and the theme of the International Tool Fair XIV or one of the priority items chosen for each edition, who can bring some new/different/peculiar perspectives and get the participants thinking in a new/different/peculiar way about the theme. 

The TF Talks last between 12 and 15 minutes maximum and usually include visuals, audio or the use of support materials. The TF TALK will be recorded by the communication team of the Tool Fair and the edited versions will be published in SALTO Educational Tools Portal and via social networks.

The TF Talkers for 2019 are:


What if youth workers rule a country

A short funny and inspiring talk. Starting from a provocative question, the purpose is, through a kidding mood about common stereotypes on youth work and youth workers, reflect on one main topic. What we daily live in our job, gives us some brilliant skills. Our goal should be to recognize those skills and realize that they could be very useful in other fields. Perhaps the government of an entire country!

Enrico Gentina is TEDxTorino Licensee and curator. My life, work and passion have always been about communication. In a digitalized world, when "communication" is often related to marketing I don't forget one of the first ways the human beings developed to interact with each other: telling a story. I tell stories and play it on the stage. Drama gives me everyday the chance to meet new people, to interact and create connections. I'm not afraid of change, actually I stimulate it and I'm encouraged by it. What I do: Drama workshops in school, communities, mental institution and hospitals; Training about drama, public speaking and team building, for companies, managers,  teachers, volunteers and students; concept and managing of events, expositions and festivals related to health and local projects. Since 2000, I have the opportunity to experiment with video and radio, taking part in concept and production of format for TV, radio station and short films. Nowadays the challenge lays in the continuous development in communication, and I'm looking forward to discover the new arrival.   


Bridges and ladders: stories from the ‘coalface’ to the ‘ivory tower’ and back

The TF Talk focuses on the themes of recognition and quality in youth work aiming to support capacity building and know-how of youth work and youth workers. Youth work is as much a way of being with young people as it is a way of doing with young people.  How we, as youth workers  'attend to' young people? How we create space for them to come to know whatever it is that they need to know as a basis for agency and action - whether that's about themselves (their feelings, their aspirations, their past, their future) or about the world more generally  (their hopes, their fears, their place, their connections, their role). Relationships are key to youth work and key to relationship is conversation.  Youth workers being able to listen to what's being said as much as what's not being said,  to be able to invite young people to reflect, to explore, to examine, to think about themselves (perhaps differently) in the world, to create and curate their present and future. In that context the artistry of youth work - it's know-how if you will - relates to the youth worker's capacity to be act with respect, to be authentic, to relate with integrity and 'model' what it is to be human with all that encompasses in ways that enable and empowers young people to make and take their place in world. The TF Talk will feed into these themes by focusing on the tools and ‘know-how’ (based on ideas of respect, authenticity, integrity and empowerment) needed to negotiate and navigate the possibilities and tensions of collaborating wholeheartedly in, between and across the Youth Work and Higher Education fields to promote youth work as a transformative practice. 

Hilary Tierney worked as a youth worker for many years before joining the Department of Applied Social Studies in Maynooth University where she contributes across the community and youth work professional programmes of education and training. Her practice and research interests converge in a specific interest in youth workers' professional formation and development in the areas of youth work theory and values in practice,  professional identity, digital youth work, and global youth work. She is passionate about the potential of youth work to promote transformative social change and is committed to working in partnership with the field to develop and deliver accredited continuing practice development programmes in area such as Digital Creativity, Youth Mobility Project Management and Global Youth Work. She is the co-ordinator of the Youth Work eLearning Partnership [YWeLP] and Erasmus+ funded strategic partnership project which developed and hosts the interactive elearning platform



iGeneration talks - These are the voices we must listen to

New type of human being has been born. Typical for HOMO iPHONUS –people is that we want to be alone together and together alone. Revolutionary tools has been developed and in short time smartphones have been accomplished significant changes in our actions and in our ways to participate. It is time to listen to the voices of young people, to hear the stories of the new iCeneration. In TF Talk we will raise up the thoughts of local young counselors about participation, politics and decision making. Dialogue and participation are the keywords. 

Merja Tervo is the director of Cultural and Recreational Services, Rovaniemi City, Finland. She has been working in the field of youth work since 1981 as the director of a youth centre, coordinator for international youth work affairs, youth information and participation as well as youth work lecturer. Executive MBA education finished 2017.

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