The Market Experience


The Market experience

“We are opening the Market!”, these words echoed in the last Tool Fairs and opened the door on an exciting Suk of amazing toolkits, video experiences of educational methods and approaches, table and virtual games, new energizers/icebreakers and a large range of et cetera… The Market of Tool Fair has been also a formidable platform for new contacts, projects and cooperation!

How it works the Market?

The Market is a space open to the contribution of every Tool Fair participant and you are free to bring there your tool/s for learning (in another format than a workshop). Like in the market, for around one hour people will pass by and stop at the stands which interest them.

-> From today till the start of the Tool Fair you can upload another tool for the Market (always indicate that is for the activity Tool Fair XI), just writing “MARKET” or “ENERGIZER/ICEBREAKER for MARKET” in the final box “Notes for further use”. There is no selection for these tools.

-> Better to bring one or more tools to the Market? Our suggestion is to focus on one: it is not a Market of organisations’ activities and material, it is a Market to present single relevant innovative pedagogical tools for learning!

-> After uploading your Market tool, please inform me and I will give you the ticket for a stand in the Market (or a time in a specific space if it’s a short energizer/icebreaker). Stand = a table and a plug, you should be able to self-organise everything else to present your tool (for example, bring your laptop or projector if you need it).

-> Some days before the Tool Fair, I will send the list of the uploaded tools you will find for sure at the Market, but still you will have the possibility to ask for a stand also on the spot, during the first day.

That’s it! Time to upload your “TOOL for the MARKET” or “ENERGIZER/ICEBREAKER for the MARKET” and start to think how you want to present your stand!

We Want to Start a Conversation, a Conversation about Dyslexia.By Dyslexic Teens Dialogue youth organization Mary Rose Formosa - Malta
Letter exchange - an intercultural and multilingual tool Maura Tripi - Italy
Bodymap in NFE Alessandro Donati - Italy
AppRaiser - 360° professional development appraisal service for trainers Nerijus Krauciunas - Lithuania
Buddy Bench Dalia Abdel Rahim - Croatia
Market energizer Emilia Alexe - Romania
Solidier: World Waste Map (WWM) - Tool for raising awareness on Municipal SOLID Waste Management (MSWM) Gadir Huseynov - Azerbaijan