Local visits


Local visits are an element of the program that was included during the 14th International Tool Fair in Finland, which is continued also in the French edition.

This year the ITF XVI participants can visit and experience a local social enterprise implementing with success a sustaniability approach.

The edition 2022 of the International Tool Fair is offering to the participants the possibility to have a social dinner at “Le République”, the first gastronomic & solidarity restaurant in Marseille, that opened its doors in February 2022. 

The aim of this restaurant is to welcome and mix around its tables a double clientele: vulnerable people, in a situation of exclusion and precariousness alongside traditional customers within the same space.

The restaurant is in the same time a good practice and a tool to set up the Chief's and his friends vision: tool for social insertion, social inclusion, fight against discrimination and in the same time respect the environment. These are also values shared by the EU and by the core of our ITF topics.
Behind the social aspect of the restaurant you will have the chance to know more about the restaurant's project/ functioning, activities, while enjoying an environmentally friendly cuisine.

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