Local visits

Local visits to Youth Work projects in Portugal. An element of the program that was included during the 14th International Tool Fair in Finland, which is continued in the Portuguese edition. Hands-on experience of local Youth Work projects in the area hosting the 15th edition. The projects and their organizations chosen for the visits are 6 this year. This will also make it easier for small groups to move around, be welcomed, and interact with local guests.

ITF XV participants can, as soon as the online booking system is open, choose which of these visits to participate in.  Of course, each proposal has a limited number of places. If the possibility to choose a particular local visit no longer appears in the online agenda, it means that the places have run out and it will be necessary to look for another one among those still available.

Below is a brief description and the title of the local visit in the official agenda from which you can make your booking:


Interested in visiting an innovative local project that promotes the inclusion of young people with intellectual disabilities? During this visit you will have the possibility to see the young peoples’ daily talents routine; know more about their aspirations and their unique skills. This is a very relevant project at local level that promotes Entrepreneurship, Talent, Leisure, Schooling and Psychosocial Development activities.

You can also visit another spin-off of “Sim, Somos Capazes”: Quinta da Felicidade (The Happiness Farm). This farm was created to answer the young people who need more time to develop their activities and learnings. This place will give the opportunity to young people to develop sports activities and agricultural activities.

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The Escola Oficina project born at Gaiurb – Urbanism and Housing, in partnership with the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, is divided into two major areas: training and the workshop. The first enables the acquisition of knowledge, requalification and professional certification in the sewing and cartoning area. On the other hand, the second offers the opportunity for participants to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the training and start projects in a real work context, which translate into the transformation of non-hazardous industrial waste and residues into valuable end products added. In this way, Escola Oficina also contributes to the development of the circular economy, to the reduction of waste and to environmental education.

When visiting the Escola Oficina, participants will be able to learn about a social innovation project and participate in a carton workshop, where the magic will be done with garbage.

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These are two associations that share the same place. Join this visit to know how they promote environmental education in schools, through study-support and after-school activities. Onda Verde is a Youth Association focused on environment and adventure that supports the preservation of the environment and encourages a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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Abrigo Seguro – It’s an association that works with youngsters who experience situations of social vulnerability and are in rupture with the school. These young people are often seen as "problematic", which generates social exclusion.

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Are you interested in participatory methodologies, involving all types of people and including groups in social exclusion situations? GAIAC has emerged from the work of some of its members who have developed work dynamics at a European level with young people over the last fifteen years. Being part of the European network "Drums for Peace", it develops artistic and cultural projects with network partners and other local and international organisations. You will learn about the main activities, focusing on European mobility projects, especially in creative areas, using the arts as an instrument of inclusion.

GAIAC will present briefly their practice. There will be three different moments - a presentation circle, and then the group splits in two, to show a tool about human rights and a tool for youth inclusion.

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Do you want to know the best of youth entrepreneurship in Gaia? This is a non-profit organisation focused on developing and promoting national entrepreneurship. You will visit a start-up incubator and learn more about how this project empowers Entrepreneurs, supports new ideas and tests concepts. And what better than hearing the testimony of young entrepreneurs using their coworking spaces, like the Aurora project - who works with the behavioural transformation of children and young people at risk.

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The Check-in - Entrada para o Sucesso (Entry to Success)  and the Check-out - Saídas de Futuro ( Outlook for the Future) are social innovation responses promoted by IDIS - Institute of Development and Social Inclusion. They aim to support young people in vulnerable situations in the effective entry into the labour market or in creating entrepreneurship initiatives through the promotion of a training program that develops personal, social and professional skills.

In short, these are social innovation responses that base their intervention in the strategic areas of "Employability and Employment", "Capacity Building and Entrepreneurship", and "Digital Inclusion".

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