Toolkit on Intersectional Mainstreaming: A Resource for Organizations, Volunteers and Allies

Joana Xhemali and Dresda Emma Méndez de la Brena
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This format provides substantial knowledge and concrete tools on how organizations and volunteers can deploy intersectionality concepts into practice. It invites organizations to initiate transformative change through questioning and reflecting upon whether their existing structures, cultures and work praxes contribute to social justice and inclusion. The toolkit unpacks the concept of intersectionality as a fundamental tool to achieve social justice, including a collection of checklists which interrogate specific working units through the lenses of intersectionality. The questions forming each checklist serve to call attention to various aspects of the organizational structure and culture; to reflect upon the status quo in your organizations and further steps you could take to ensure that the intersectional approach is incorporated into the fabric of any organization. It proposes a set of concrete recommendations that organizations can consider when dealing with decision-making, budgeting, communication, partnerships establishment,project development and organizational management issues. This toolkit contains traces of collective exploration carried out by the participants and trainers of the Gender Equality and Intersectionality Lab project financed by European Commission. It is a communal commitment to make informed work that can result in different ways of constructing relations with each other. It shall be seen as the beginning of a transformative process in which trying to open up to multiple perspectives and learn from different voices and silences within our organizations. It invites organizations to rethink their priorities and embrace difference and intersectionality in all its richness.
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