STUDY: Telling digital stories to fight against Early School Leaving

Erasmus+ KA2 School consortium of partners:Piaget-Diaz high school (IT), Replay Network (IT), Pistes Solidaires (FR), Mundus (ES), die Berater (AT), Eurogeo (BE)
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The study sums up the results of national and transnational desk-based research activities and it focuses on four key areas: • firstly the current situation regarding prevention of, intervention against, and compensation of early leavers from education and training in the countries participating in the proj¬ect (IT, AT, BE, FR, ES) and in other European countries and at European level; • secondly, the study examines some solutions and progress made within the strategic framework Education and Training 2020 and synthesizes the present state of research on the potential for storytelling and Digital Story Mapping to engage young people at risk (Marta, 2015); • thirdly, the study introduces teaching and training opportunities in the partner countries, specific to the target groups; • finally, the study explores policies at different scales, strategies for engagement, the reported use of tools, pedagogical approaches, success stories, and recommendations. The complete collection of tools to fight Early School Leaving realized by My Story Map project are available at
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