LEARNING MODULE: Preventing Early School Leaving through Digital Story Mapping

Erasmus+ KA2 School consortium of partners:Piaget-Diaz high school (IT), Replay Network (IT), Pistes Solidaires (FR), Mundus (ES), die Berater (AT), Eurogeo (BE)
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The learning module divides and organizes its content into six main parts: • the pedagogical framework, which sets the premises of the didactic approach envisioned by the module; • the methodology of Digital Story Mapping, providing an overview and the deepening of the main working tool to be adopted during learning experience with the students; • the overview of the module in terms of approach and structure, accompanied by the main guidelines for implementation; • the learning objectives, looking at the identified competencies to be developed through the module and contextualizing them into the frame of the work on Digital Story Mapping applied to Early School Leaving; • the evaluation strategy to be adopted in the module addressing both teachers and students; • the outline of all the learning materials for the face-to-face sessions which have been selected in order to respond and address the identified learning objectives, divided according to the content and purpose of each specific learning phase. The main elements of the module (My didactic story-map) are based on a single-disciplinary or interdisciplinary learning unit (didactic content) combined with principles of storytelling and digital storytelling applied to teaching. The entire collection of tools for fighting Early School leaving realized by the project My STory Map is available at
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