Inclusion in environmental youth projects - Guide for youth organisations

Roxana Nica, Carmine Rodi Falanga, Helena Koskova, Steven Gasgarth, Daniela Letanovska, Malgorzata Zubowicz-Thull
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This publication was developed by Youth and Environment Europe for youth workers, environmental and youth organisations who would like to find out more about the topic of inclusion. The booklet includes several chapters, starting from the theoretical approach on concepts such as social inclusion and exclusion, youth work, fewer opportunities, inclusion projects. In the second chapter we have a look at different topics and tools that were many times present in YEE projects (either together or separately) and see how we can use them with a more inclusive approach in future projects. In the third chapter you can find some tips on how to make your work more inclusive and what to keep in mind when working with young people with fewer opportunities. Last but not least, in the fourth chapter, readers will be able to learn from other youth and social workers’ experiences in inclusive work, especially in the environmental field.
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