Inception 2.0

Lauma Ziemeļniece, Andrej Korpar
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Manual Inception2.0 is experienced in Slovenia,Ptuj, during the Erasmus+ training course Inception 2.0 ( It includes coaching and constellation tools for the youth workers working with young people, especially, NEET's (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). There are two main sections: coaching and constellation. Coaching includes several tools how simply and practically support a youngster to solve his/her problem. By using these tools youth workers are capable with very plain and effective questions support youngsters to find solution for their problems. Constellation includes tools that are innovative into field of youth work. It is a systemic approach, when a solution is build by an arrangement of elements.By using these tools youth workers can help youngsters to see their problem from distance and how they would like to create their own solution.
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