Learning Corners


The learning corners is a complementary 3 day-long activity than runs through the event’s main agenda. Its main aim is to provide multi-purpose spaces for reflecting, sharing, and consolidating learning taking place during the various activities of the event. In addition, learning corners would help participants to structurally record their learning. As learning can be personal, participants will be able to select which corner and when exactly they would like to join that space either as individuals, pairs, or groups. Corners will include different activities such as spaces with reflective questions, discussions with TF team members, zones for sharing learning points, and areas for thematic informal chats.

Participants will be able to navigate the learning corners using a dedicated timetable.

The learning corners will have four spaces (Agorà area) for participants to exchange, discuss, reflect, and consolidate their takeaways from the fair's activities. During the time dedicated to the learning corners activity, participants will navigate four rooms according to their needs.

  • In the first corner, participants can go to the exchange space where they can exchange their learning from the day's workshops with other participants who attended different workshops.
  • In the second corner, participants can participate in a discussion with one of the ITF XVI team members about the concepts presented in the ITF XVI.
  • In the third corner, participants can quietly read reflective questions and respond with their insights and inspiration online.
  • The fourth and final corner is for quizzing participants on some of the topics and ideas that were explored during the day's sessions to consolidate any possible acquired knowledge